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Sunday, August 31, 2014
Over the weekend I caught myself reminiscing on Ava's infant days; I was trying to figure out a specific date that one of her milestones occurred on. For the life of me, I couldn't remember the exact date. It really started to bother me as the time passed and I still couldn't recollect. Thankfully, I had written it out in a blog post, so I was able to go back and kind of relive the moments on that past date. I was so grateful for my blog more than ever yesterday. These are the moments that I am thankful that I blog out my life experiences, not only for my readers, but for myself as well.

After this incident, I decided I needed to transfer milestone information into Ava bug's baby book and my pregnancy scrapbook. Yes, you guys.. I'm that mom! I know you weren't surprised though. During my pregnancy with Ava I made a scrapbook full of notes, ultrasound pictures, and my maternity pictures. It was a great way to document my pregnancy, and I included mommy and daddy pages as well. Before Justin deployed he included a sweet, sweet note for his growing baby and that note warms my heart over and over again.

I purchased Ava's "first year" baby book a couple weeks before I had her. I have filled all the pages in her first year book, and I love that she has her hospital bracelets, confirmation of birth, and even umbilical stump ( I know it's morbid) in one handy place. Documenting these events have been so very important to me as my baby grows. Tonight I even included Ava's infant gloves from her first week of life.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me knowing that one day my little girl will ask me for her baby books when she begins to start her own family. Inside these books are our history with her so far. I don't think I'll make a book for each year of her life, but I always see myself scrapbooking for the sake of having my memories tangible, and the dates! With the busy lives that we live, please remember how important it is to document the special moments, and even the more trivial ones.

We all have five minutes out of our day to write something down or to blog something out. That's the one benefit of technology that I have yet to resent. Being able to share everything with my daughter. Even this website. I hope that by reading about all of the moments I had as a new mommy that someday it helps her with her little ones. That was the exact point of this post guys. Life moves by so fast. On days like yesterday, it's nice to have those fond memories handy somewhere. Whether it be a journal, blog, or written down on an old paper napkin.. make it happen!

Check out some of the pages from Ava's books! Please excuse the terrible lighting.. I took these last night. How many of my readers scrapbook their special milestones? How many have scrapbooked once they had children? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below or by email!

Happy Sunday all!

♥- Leilani

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