Tatum Leilani Madrid: 11 months old

Sunday, March 6, 2022

My Tatum girl… I can’t believe you’re less than 30 days from celebrating your first birthday!

Feeding: Tatum remains a pretty solid eater. There was a week or so in this last month that our girl wanted nothing to do with foods (she had a week of non-solid bowels and then we all got a cold) and that was definitely out of her norm -- other than that, Tatum continues to love her solid foods and a variety of them to boot! Her go tos are usually some variety of fruit, she loves green beans, her Ezekiel bread, ricotta cheese on pasta and various bread, and ground beef is her favorite meat. I also introduced citric fruits (the first kiddo to have done this before a year) and mandarin oranges + orange slices are her jam. Tatum eats at each meal with us and she has a few snacks throughout the day. Teething crackers were suggested to us a few months ago by another mama friend -- my child loves them!

Sleep:  Tatum is still such a perfect sleeper and we are 4/4 in that department! She still co-sleeps, sleeps a solid 11 or so hours at night and she's got two long naps during the day and sometimes one right before dinner (bit of. a cat nap now). We've been going through a teething dilemma the last couple of days and that resulted in a little shift in the schedule for the night but those types of situations are not the norm and are very isolated. The last couple of weeks we've been going to the YMCA and Tatum will talk for a bit and then fall asleep in the carrier. The Lillebaby carrier -- 10/10 will always recommend for parents that are on the go and need to keep their babies content and happy.  LITERALLY, NOTHING HERE HAS CHANGED** except for the teething dilemmas. It has been smooth sailing in that department.

Milestones:  LOTS of big changes this month! Our girl is waving both from the front and behind haha. She is saying, "hi" SO clearly when she waves, and she's standing! I'm sure you noticed that by the picture I chose to share but it is truly incredible. She will stand up, take a step or two, and then promptly fall into the arms of her daddy or me. We've noticed that the stranger danger phase comes and goes (she will wave to strangers like installation dudes from Lowes but chooses to ice out her great-grandma sometimes). We finally started bathing Tatum on a baby mat for the shower with her whale spout cup and all. I feel like that last statement isn't a milestone.. but it sure does feel like it. The dance moves with this baby are so much more extreme now. It's a full-body experience! She uses her arms, legs, and baby butt to move to the groove of pretty much any catchy beat. Lately, we are making our way back into the classic 90's r n b hits, and it's an absolute GO (especially for nap time in the car).  Not truly a milestone but Tatum has been using her mama (nursing) as a means of teething relief as well. Not so fun for me but we surely are working on it. 

Things You Like:  Our Tater Tot loves snuggles from everyone in our home lately but she's stingy about her kisses. She loves peek-a-boo all over again with her brother Liam, and she loves when her oldest sister dances with her around the house. She loves when sister Olivia rubs her nose and kisses her hands. She also loves this mini sing a long chair that was once her brother's -- spacing on the name but our girl plays with it every morning while I make up our bed. Her baby toothbrush is currently being used as a teething relief LOL and we busted out the mini-pack n' play here recently! It is a nice option to have with all the stairs in our home. It was once Ava's and now it's our final baby's place to play. I love it. It seems like spider man toys rule our home and Tatum has taken quite the liking to all the big brother toys she can get her hands on. 

And this is the last post I will share about my infant daughter. Next month is toddlerhood Tatum and a 12-month-old. It's insane to me how quickly the last year has gone. I say this often and I will always say this. It doesn't feel nearly long enough -- the time we get to enjoy our babies this small. I plan to continue to share updates throughout Tatum's entire toddlerhood (dare I say maybe even some videos of growth?) and document them accordingly. So many last firsts. It's truly hitting me right in the feels! 

Happy 11 months of life to you, my Tatum girl! I love you so, so, very much.

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