Thursday, May 15, 2014
Yesterday's cake smash session went off without a hitch. I could not have chosen a better Pacific Northwest photographer for this special occasion. I was so stressed about everything, especially since we were running late yesterday. Chloe was seriously so laid back and mellow. Ava got her first boo boo on her face from falling. I both love and hate that she is walking for this very reason. It really is just a little bump by her eye, but that didn't stop me from crying. You'd think that after almost a year of knowing that when mama cries it causes baby to cry, that I would stop.. Yeah, hasn't happened. When we finally did hit the road, I ended up going over a pothole that was determined to ruin the smash cake. Thank goodness it was still salvageable. Picture days have always stressed me out because I try to have everything as "perfect" as possible. I'm happy to report (despite the minor bumps) yesterday was pretty perfect. The location of the studio put me in a good mood. I really  don't know why (I don't spend a lot of time in Tacoma), but I appreciate the scenic parts of downtown Tacoma.

The studio we were in had these huge windows with these long, white curtains. Apparently it was an old news tribune building. The feel of everything was just so relaxed, and I felt instant happiness. Ava bug took to Chloe extremely well. She's usually pretty timid and watchful of strangers, so imagine my surprise when she walked to Chloe and grabbed her hand. I knew then, we had found our new family photographer. Ava is so stingy when it comes to smiles, and I am so glad we found someone that is able to get that out of her. I can hardly wait to get the images back. I saw a preview last night, and I was so very fond of the photos she did post. Ava looks so much older, she looks so grown up, and she looks like a toddler. I didn't cry over the picture, but I can't promise to keep composure when I see them all. The smash cake photos, and the nursing photos are the ones that have me the most giddy. As much as I wish Justin could have been there with us, I had so much fun.

I'm really glad I made the decision (more like Justin's school schedule made the decision) to downsize Ava's actual birthday party. I don't feel as stressed, and I know her party is going to be more personal for us. Since her daddy will be away during the day on Saturday, I plan on taking my Princess out for the ultimate Birthday treat! Pedicures, potential zoo day, maybe even the beach (weather permitting). Whatever we end up doing, I just want it to be all about her. I plan on taking videos galore on Saturday, so watch out for those. This past year has really allowed me to value video footage like never before. It really is amazing to relive certain moments of your life, even if just for a brief second.

With that being said, I'm off! I'm going to be that cheesy mama that makes a special video for her daughter each year of her life. Those of you who know me.. heck those of you who read this blog, know how much the Type A person in me loves documentation.

Happy Thursday all!

♥- Leilani

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