Saturday, November 29, 2014
Saturday morning my entire family woke up to the snow falling ever so lightly outside of our bedroom window. It amazes me how my inner child quickly comes running at the sight of it. I got extremely giddy and excited which in turn caused Ava bug to become giddy and extremely excited. I watched her walk to the window, sleep still in her eyes, just gazing away with absolute amazement. She pointed from time to time, and giggled in between. In those first few moments I just watched over her, happy that she shared my love of snow (my New Yorker husband is less than amused by the sight of snow). I quickly rushed for my camera (almost instinctively), because I knew I wanted to have that moment forever. Luckily, Ava didn't move an inch. I got some pretty awesome photos of my sweet girl in those moments.

I wasted no time getting all three of us out the door to play in the snow! We didn't get as much as I would have liked, but I could still hear the crunch of snow as Ava's boots touched the ground, and that is my absolute favorite snow sound. We drove a little ways down from our home so I could take photos of Ava and Justin in a huge field that had a ton of snow in it. I'm glad we did because we were one of just a few people there. It was completely freezing outside, so naturally we bundled Ava up. That was also one of my favorite moments from Saturday. Being able to get my sweet girl all warm and snuggly in her winter coat, hat, and gloves. We didn't know how Ava was going to respond to actually being in snow... but to our surprise she loved it from the start. 

She immediately started dancing in, eating, and throwing snow. It was like she had done this her entire life. I started snapping away after enjoying a snow ball hit from my sneaky husband (I still owe you one babe). As we approached the field of snow, I decided to get a running start so I could get better photos.. The first time I ran, nothing happened. I didn't slip, I was graceful, and I got some great shots. The next time I ran, I fell. Hard. I couldn't believe it. Justin's laughter was one that is rare. It was one of those genuinely loud and belly wrenching laughs. This in turn caused Ava to laugh.. which in turn caused me to laugh at myself. That was when we'd decided that we'd had enough of the snow experience for the day. 

We ended up going out for a nice family breakfast, and yes I dined with wet, grass stained clothing. Aside from my fall, it was a pretty fantastic experience. I'm not sure when it'll snow in our area again, but I'm really happy that Ava got a little taste of what this time of year brings. Tomorrow is the day my backdrop will be finished for me to take Ava bug's holiday pictures. It's still really weird that the sessions I prep her for will be with her mama! 

Do any of my readers have snow in their area? How do your kiddos respond to all the "white stuff" outside? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below or by email! 

Happy Saturday all!

♥- Leilani

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