A Year In Review

Thursday, December 31, 2015
This year has been a busy one, so I thought I'd write up a year in review.


We moved out of our Puallup home to live closer to the military installation. Moving on post meant being able to spend more time with Justin. Best. Decision. Ever. We also got new furniture. Not a super huge deal, but we sold the first furniture set we ever had in our marriage.


We decided we were ready to try for baby # 2. Which meant I had to wean Ava from nursing. We ended up weaning Ava from nursing and co-sleeping all at the same time. Because of our weaning success, I started my first round of fertility treatments... which led into A BIG FAT NEGATIVE for the first time after having fertility assistance. We were crushed.


A few days before I got my negative pregnancy test, Justin left for a military school (ALC) for seven weeks. It was tough dealing with those emotions alone, but I made it through. I turned 24 years old and spent my third birthday in a row away from my husband.


Ava experienced her first Easter egg hunt, and sadly it was without daddy. I started taking fertility medicine again to prep for another cycle upon Justin's arrival from ALC. Justin graduated ALC and we picked him up from the airport on the same day. Best. Day. Ever.


I found out we were expecting baby # 2 on mother's day and Justin planned a picnic in the park. Justin turned 25 years old and brought in his golden year with a bbq full of soldiers and their families.
Ava turned two years old and had a big party with a jump house and all. I made the decision never to order custom cupcakes or cakes for a tot's birthday party.


We had our annual trip to Ocean shores for block leave and Ava actually enjoyed the cold waters and warm sand. It was such a blast. Justin took photos of me while 10 weeks pregnant on the beach and while babywearing Ava bug. We went digging for shells and climbed some pretty steep rocks all for pictures. We also went to snoqualmie falls as a family and hiked the entire way up and down. Definitely a beautiful site to see. Justin got a promotion at work and I got to pin him. Ava got to put his PC on. We are so proud of him. I finally attended a military ball with my husband and left Ava with a sitter (Thank you Regina) for about 6 hours.


We went to our first fourth of July fair, and watched the military firework show. Justin was chosen to grade at NTC for an entire month. That was rough, especially since we'd just had him leave for 7 weeks not that long ago. When Justin was away to grade, he found out he was DA selected to go recruiting for three years.


When Justin got back from NTC, we found out the gender of our little bean. We also made a tough decision by rehoming Cooper to a family that could provide the attention he needed. I had my 20 week anatomy scan and we found out our second little girl was completely healthy.


Justin left for YTC for an entire month. It was completely rough. Ava got sick back to back and we basically became hermits for two whole weeks. I took Ava bowling for the first time alone and she thoroughly enjoyed herself. I picked up on a photography project again, and carried the camera pretty much everywhere.


We took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch farm and even though it poured, we had a blast.
Justin came home for two days.. and was told he had to go back to YTC.  I was devastated. I had an ultrasound to check on the growth of baby # 2 and all was well. Justin came back home on a very rainy Halloween, but was still able to spend Halloween with Ava bug.


I made the decision to get a business license for my photography business. Justin reenlisted in the Army, and although he didn't get to choose his duty station of choice, we are trying to embrace his recruiting orders without negativity. Ava and I got to ride in daddy's MGS vehicle.. very cool experience. We cooked an amazing Thanksgiving dinner for our family, and others.


We traveled to New York for the holidays, Ava had her first plane right as a toddler... we drove from New Jersey to New York after missing our connecting flight in Chicago. Ava experienced her first "real" snowfall while in New York. We got to meet our niece, Baby A. And Ava got to experience Christmas with Justin's family. I started having extreme braxton hicks while on vacation, and I rang in the new year with Justin in the snow.

♥- Leilani

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