Final Walk Through

Thursday, May 26, 2016
Day two of moving was so much better than the first. I say that only because it didn't take nearly as long. We assisted a little bit with the packing, but by the afternoon, all of our things were in crates and making their way to Texas. The movers were so incredible and we were fortunate to (yet again) have an outstanding service with JPPSO. I only pray that our things arrive in one piece, just like they left us. Once the movers get every single last bit of our things, we immediately started the cleaning process. I asked my parents if they would come over and help with the hard stuff and they did (we are so grateful for them)! My stepdad ended up cleaning the entire house. We were facing a $400 fee from a cleaning company and additional $100 for the outside work. I couldn't believe it. My stepdad has his own cleaning company and although he isn't a "preferred" company for JBLM, we took that leap of faith. I am so glad we did. After what seemed like no time at all, we said goodbye to my parents for the night and woke up to waiting out the final walk through for the house. 

The JBLM rep showed up later than we expected, but she seemed to dig right into her checklist. I actually ended up packing both girls in the car and hunting down the mail lady to get our last bit of mail from our home. I was successful and Justin did the walkthrough by himself essentially. Things went well but we ended up having to pay $180.00 for brand new carpet in the downstairs living room (ouch)! I guess i should't be too mad about that because $180 is still less than the amount that we would have paid for someone to come out and clean our home. I can't believe how well we made out with housing. I definitely will not miss all the inflated charges that come along with being a resident of Washington State. 

After what seemed like forever, we went to housing to pay the fee - So Justin could receive an immediate clearance from JBLM housing. It wasn't nearly as stressful as either of us thought it would be and I even got a little emotion when we handed over the keys. The house I brought my second born home to, the house that we lived in for almost 1.5 years was no longer ours. So many memories in that house... my mom, dad, sister, family, all over for a football game. BBQ Sundays.. Meeting the new baby. So many wonderful memories that I will have to take along with me. That final walk through may not have included me, but I had my own little final walk through as we drove away from our home. 

♥- Leilani

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