Olivia: First Real "Boo Boo"

Friday, September 9, 2016
I can't believe my seven month old baby girl has already had her first real boo boo. I was so mad - I actually cried. We bought this impossible toy from the baby einstein collection (our baby girl will likely be an early walker. She's showing so many signs.) to encourage Olivia's newest developments... but the legs are just so dang wobbly and certainly not stable enough for a babe to play with on their own. Any who, Justin got home from work fairly early and spent a good chunk of time playing with the girls on the floor. I was on the couch - more than likely browsing the web.. the next thing I know I see Olivia let go of the toy and fall to the ground. All would have been well if she didn't scrap her sweet little nose against the toy on her way down. At first, we waited to see how she'd react. Then I saw it. I saw blood on her nose. It wasn't much.. similar to that of a scratch from her days of flailing... but then I saw that her skin had actually been torn much more than we originally thought. I started bawling.

It doesn't matter how many kiddos you have, or the fact that you KNOW your children will get boo boos. it's just seeing them hurt. No one was at fault - but it didn't make me feel any less terrible. She cried in my arms, nursed after, and seemed to be okay after that. I know this blog is super short, I just wanted to document this. 

♥- Leilani

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