Manic Monday

Monday, February 25, 2013
Today was a productive day for me. Aside from the CONSTANT rain we had all day.I know I'm from Seattle, but getting almost 13 inches of rain in the last 2 weeks is ridiculous! I'm ready for Spring. Four MAJOR changes occurred for me today. 
  • I hit my third trimester this week ! Yay for developing baby Ava
  • I finally talked to Ashford and set a date for starting up my BA courses
  • I realized we are more than halfway done with deployment
  • My relatives from New York are coming down to visit a week from today

Super busy day (spent mostly indoors) Finishing up preparations to the guest room, so my cousins are comfortable and have everything they need. 
  • I signed up for a breastfeeding course, along with a home visit to get me informed (even more so) on breastfeeding. 
  • I signed up to meet with a lactation specialist
  • I am actively trying to locate a La Leche League for more breastfeeding resources. Link is provided La Leche League

Lots of good things happening for me right now. I also decided a location for my maternity shoot next month.

It's called Wormsloe Plantation. The photographer taking my photos found it. Beautiful, historic, and lots of different scenery options. For more information I provided a link Wormsloe

Monday was definitely good to me, I hope the rest of the week carries on this trend.

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