26 June 13

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Yesterday was quite a busy day for me. Aside from my mommy duties, I've had a lot on my plate. Planning activities for block leave, which is just around the corner.

Organizing a barbecue at my home this weekend with over 15 people in attendance. Mainly soldiers. But I don't think I've ever hosted anything with more than fifteen people before. I'm also tying in a celebration for my husband. He found out last week he is being promoted! I'm so proud of him. He's got such a great drive when it comes to career goals. 
On top of that I managed to get my blog post out about reintegration. I got a lot of feedback on that, and I'm glad I was able to give an honest account. My biggest pet peeve with bloggers is how sugar coated details can be. I love the nitty gritty truth of things, that's always my goal in my writing. On an Ava note, my sweet little angel is getting bigger. She is over eight pounds and as of yesterday, she fits into her three month clothing. Another bittersweet milestone. Of course, I love that my girl is growing, but time is definitely passing us by. July will be among us in no time!

I figured out that I am going to be that type of parent that dresses their child up for all the special holiday's throughout the year and wants them to have pictures taken! I have tentatively scheduled another photo session for Justin, Ava, and I. I can't wait to see how those turn out. Also, I'm finally able to start reviewing some of the products I've received for Ava. Those include: cloth diapers, hemp inserts, and organic baby shampoos. There are a lot of various products that I will be doing sponsored reviews for as my baby grows and her needs change. So far one of the companies I took an interest in, that I will be reviewing for is
Citrus Lane. I've gone over Citrus Lane in a previous post.

I am receiving a newborn box and it should be arriving sometime next month. I'm anxious to see what type of developmental goodies are enclosed. I'm so excited about all the fun activities that will be taking place in just a matter of days. It feels good having all of our friends home.

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