Olivia Buys

Monday, November 9, 2015
Being that I will be 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow, I wanted to catch up on some of my email requests. My most requested topic (as of late) on this blog pertains to what we've purchased for baby # 2, so I decided to make a video about it. A lot of the questions I've received go more into depth about this subject as well. Some people have asked what we've saved money on with baby # 2, what items we already had that we didn't need to purchase again, etc. I have to tell you guys how disappointed I was in the lack of lists, videos, or blogs available for all things baby # 2 in the virtual world. Granted, if you already have a child, you are more than likely a lot more seasoned than the first time parent, but I do think it's equally important to share the journey of every pregnancy. I plan on making more blogs pertaining to our preparation for Olivia prior to her arrival, things we are doing to make this pregnancy special, and all of the things we plan to use with our second baby girl.

Not only is it something I can look back on, but it can also serve as a resource for all the parents who have asked and requested I share some of this stuff. The number one question I have been asked since starting our "Olivia buys" would have to be, "How much money have you invested on baby gear?" I think it's truly safe to say that we have spent less than $500 on everything we've needed for Olivia. The number one thing I've noticed with expenses is that some of our expenses for Olivia, were actually spent on Ava. Whenever we decide to incorporate crib sleeping, we plan on using Ava's nursery furniture for Olivia. The crib was never used as an actual crib ( I can count on one hand how many times Ava actually slept in there, so it is in super excellent condition).We also purchased a glider for Ava... that was also rarely used. She's got an espresso colored dresser, and a matching changing table for her crib. Ava will be upgraded to a twin bed when the time comes for that switch to happen, or maybe beforehand to get Ava comfortable with the new furniture she'll have.

I made this video almost two weeks ago, so I'm sure it's missing some of the minor Olivia buys, but this is the jist of what we've had to purchase. The small things we still need include stuff like a burt bee's bath set for Olivia, bottle cleaners, more breast pump accessories, etc. If our Livy bean was to be born in the next few weeks, we would definitely have all we need for her to be at home comfortably, so that feels good to know. Check out the video I made, and if you have any other questions, feel free to message-email-or comment below.

Happy Monday all!

♥- Leilani


  1. I love your video! You are so prepared!! I mean, I feel prepared too having not purchased one single thing for my baby #2! I love reading and watching your journey. You are an inspiration in many ways. Do you make YouTube videos? If not, I think you'd be really great at it!

  2. Danika! Thank you so much. Feeling prepared makes everything so much more relaxed in pregnancy. You are so sweet. I only make videos, when requested :)