Monday, January 28, 2013

Where do i even begin? One of the hardest things to do is forgive, and apologize. Especially when you let your pride, and your stubborn demeanor get in the way.(I do) I swear my little girl is slowly making me a better person, and she's not even here. I may say that a lot, because i find it remarkable that since I've had this little life inside of me, i want to make her world BETTER & Brighter the best I can. I started with family, worked my way to friends, then acquaintances. Pretty much anyone that I have ever hurt, disrespected, or upset because of whatever reason. I reached out to them today. I said sorry. I asked if they were willing to clean the slate or find a common ground. It makes me feel at peace when i have fully resolved a situation. Even with time passing. I like to be able to smile, and be casual with anyone. You don't have to carry baggage or let something from the past continue to effect you. Our lives truly are too short, for all the scorned behavior. This is just how i see it. We are all different with how we deal with conflict. But that has been what most of my day has consisted of, and vegging out with my kick ass maternity pillow ! I love this pillow. it doubles as a nursing pillow as well.I would recommend it to any pregnant woman that wants a good night's sleep ! Check it out:

That was random haha. I will be publishing a post that includes my TOP 5 pregnancy must have's thus far !  In conclusion, go make amends everyone ! right now ! There is never a better time.

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