Less than 17 weeks to go

Saturday, January 26, 2013
I cannot believe i am 23 weeks 2 days pregnant. I'm sitting between anxious, scared, and excited. Pregnancy is such a sensitive process. For a good amount of pregnancy i have been in fear, that i might lose my baby. With all the different incidents that occur during pregnancy, it's scary to be pregnant and excited. I've hit a point where my worry is outweighed by my faith. I have faith and trust in the lord. I know god willing, my little Ava will have her grand appearance coming into the world. I know that her daddy will come home safely from his deployment. I know this because, god has a blanket of protection over my family, all of our families. And if he sees us to it, he will always see us through it ! On the excited note, i have been doing a little shopping for Ava's nursery and her newborn pictures. Being married to someone in the military has enhanced my sense of patriotism, and pride in our country. That is why i am completely content sticking this little girl in ACU prints and all ! I was a bit bias before. It is cliche. But it's also a bit of a tradition I've noticed. Check this out:
How cute are these? I ordered them off of Etsy. They have so many homemade goods for sale ! I love it. Seeing the homemade goods made me feel a bit crafty, I went out and bought fabric to make our baby girl a blanket from fleece.

I also decided on her crib bedding. 
If you haven't noticed Ava's nursery and theme will be ballerina ! 
I have even gotten her diaper bag accessories ready. I love A christian based company that sells all types of organizing bags, totes, etc.

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