We made the switch

Thursday, May 30, 2013
Ava finally fits into her pre-fold cloth diapers and I couldn't be more elated! I remember mentioning in a previous post that I was going to use disposable diapers until my little sprout packed on a bit of weight. I'm so glad that day came ! Disposable diapers were a nightmare for me. I understand the convenience of being able to toss out your infant's waste, but for me that factor alone wasn't enough to win me over. The main thing that annoyed me about disposable diapers were the leakage. Ava has woken up with a side of her shirt drenched from her leaky diaper. We've had leaks at the doctors office as soon as I've undressed her to get weighed. Her urine saturated the white tissue paper on top of the medical seats. We've had leaks that have saturated her receiving blankets as well. I can't tell you how frustrating it was to diaper without proper absorbency. We were using Pampers preemie and newborn sized swaddlers for disposables. I'm not sure if it's an issue with the brand or what, but I don't have any happy reviews to give. I do however have some positive things to say about green mountain diapers! Oh my lanta ! I absolutely LOVE my orange edge pre-folds ! The absorbency, the lack of icky chemicals on Ava's skin, and of course the "going green" factor cloth diapering presents.

This is my little girl in her cloth. Believe it or not pre-folds are my husband's preference with cloth diapers. We invested in pocket diapers ( we aren't using these until Ava is a bit bigger) and for some reason he prefers the diapers that aren't so "daddy friendly." I think Justin's initial turn off with cloth was dealing with the poop and urine. Shockingly, he changes his daughter without disgust of dealing with feces. In fact, this afternoon, as I'm watching him change Ava's cloth, he asks me to hand him another cloth wipe. Miss A had gotten poop in like the crevice of her leg and he wanted to make sure he had done a thorough job ! Am I a lucky gal or what? I guess when it's your child's waste it's not a big deal. I have washed a few of these orange edge pre-folds from our hospital stay and the dark, tar, meconium poop that did touch her cloth, did not stain the diaper. I am so excited we are finally getting into the parenting styles we opted for !

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