Check Up Time !

Friday, May 31, 2013
Ava had her two week check up today. She weighs 6.5 lbs and she's a healthy sprout! The nurse called Ava's name to come back, and the first thing she did (after weighing) was take measurements of her. Her length, head measurements, etc. They were all relatively the same as birth. The second thing the nurse did was check her vitals for a full minute. Ava was so fussy because we had to undress her for all of this to occur. Daddy tried to console his little girl.

The PEDS doctor came in at this point. She asked Justin and I how we were doing. (that was a nice change from the usual care I've experienced at this Army hospital) She then had me fill out the Edinburgh test for postpartum depression. My score was a 4. Relatively low. The doctor checked Ava's hip joints, her jaundice records, and overall physical appearance. Everything looked great. She did notice that Ava has this strip of white on her tongue, she explained to us that It's called thrush. Apparently It's very common in babies. It's yeast. Their little immune systems aren't that strong, to fight off yeast in the air, home, etc. but it's easily treated and the PEDS doctor prescribed a medication for it. The doctor also prescribed vitamin D to be administered through a syringe for Ava. She told us breastfeed babies sometimes don't get the same amount of vitamin D as formula fed babies. After we were all finished with the physical part of the check up she tried to discuss Ava's metabolics with us...Unfortunately they haven't made their way back to the hospital yet. The newborn testing was suppose to arrive back to the PEDS department two weeks after birth, but the doctor said it's been taking closer to three weeks. That was frustrating for me! At the end of the appointment she explained that she wanted to check Ava's hemoglobin level to make sure she wasn't anemic and that everything else with Ava was perfect. We are due to have Ava's next appointment when she is two months old. Then vaccinations will come into play. An overdue conversation that Justin and I will have to have AGAIN.


We used Ava's bumgenius AIO and her FuzziBunz XS pocket diaper! she fits into both of these now and they work great ! Love the absorbency, the soft materials, and the ease it presents for diapering needs.

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