17 Days In

Monday, June 3, 2013
I am loving every single bit of motherhood. Yes, that includes messy diapers, baby tears, and late nights. My body is adjusted to sleeping only a couple hours at a time and somehow I am not sleep deprived. Justin is such a BIG HELP. Parenting with my husband has left me with more appreciation for him. He dives right in with just about everything. Sponge baths, diaper changes, skin to skin. He even reads the newborn books I have. I am so grateful that I have him home from deployment to help me. A lot of people have asked what's changed the most for me with having a newborn. Right off the bat I have noticed two major changes since I had Ava.

  1. Going anywhere requires me to get ready even earlier to get there on time. 
  2. my squeaky clean house is not so squeaky clean at all times. 
Since I exclusively breastfeed Ava, I am nursing seriously at least 13-14 times a day. I nurse on demand, which means whenever Ava wants to nurse, she nurses. The "guidelines" say you should nurse every 2-4 hours... that guideline doesn't apply in this home. Ava could nurse one hour and then again 45 minutes later. So running errands or attending appointments have become interesting with my cluster feeding baby.

My home is my sanctuary. I LOVE a clean home. Nothing feels better than folded laundry, clean floors, clean kitchen, and the aroma of clean scent in the air. For the past two weeks this has not been the exact case. Don't get me wrong I still clean, I just can't be as thorough as I'd like. Ironically, I'll pick up a sponge, vacuum, whatever... and Ava will start fussing. The house isn't filthy, but It's been an adjustment realizing the Howland house will probably not see that thorough look for awhile ! I can only imagine how our home will look once Ava is a toddler !

A little about Baby A:  She is a snuggle bug. She prefers to be in our arms rather than anywhere else. She is a great sleeper, continues to be a champ at latching, and we've only had ONE night so far with unexplained baby tears. She still loves to be swaddled contrary to my earlier beliefs. We use the burrito wrap with Ava. She loves to be snug and secure. she smiles often, mainly in her sleep. Her cries are seldom and usually for pretty obvious reasons.

Before I wrap this up.. I want to share my most embarrassing mommy moment thus far. So my postpartum experience has been nothing like anyone I know. I have bounced back so quickly, I feel great, and the bleeding and leaking has been so minuscule that I haven't bothered to use breast pads daily... BIG MISTAKE. Yesterday, I was watching Justin play some game on his PS3 and I go to hug him... I notice that the right side of my shirt is completely drenched. THANK GOODNESS I was home, because sure enough I had major leakage flowing down my camisole.   It looked like a puddle of fluid jumped on my top. I will never go another day without breast pads ! Lesson definitely learned.

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