Week 3 & Daddy Day

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Justin is off to work and Miss Ava is in a morning slumber; This leaves me with a moment to brainstorm via blog. For starters, my little sprout will be three weeks old on Friday and we continue to become more familiar with Ava's tendencies. We've definitely got her "poop face" down packed. Her little face gets so serious and she has these wrinkles that come over her forehead. Diaper changes with cloth are still a breeze. Exclusively breastfeeding leaves us with over a dozen diaper changes a day. I can't tell you how great It feels to see our investment with cloth actually pay us back. I'm in the mists of trying out some new folds for the pre-fold diapers. I have even ordered more fuzzi bunz xs pocket diapers. We hadn't really planned on using pocket diapers until she was a bit older, but these diapers fit her so well. They start at 4 lbs and they go up to 12 lbs. Which means she'll be in them for awhile. This investment still leaves me well under the $500.00 diapering budget! I'm excited to prep these diapers today!

Let's see, what else has changed? Our sleeping beauty's slumber habits have changed since last week. We see more of her eyes opened and alert throughout the day, which is great! I love seeing my little girl awake. We currently wake up twice during the night for feedings and changing, which isn't bad at all. Justin and I have been going to bed at ten, which is ironic because Ava wakes up around this time. Then she'll wake up again at 1 a.m. and then again at 4 a.m. and then at around 645 a.m. but we are up for the day at that point, which leads me to brainstorming Father's day plans for Justin. Since this is his first Father's day I want to make it REALLY special. I'm already ordering customized gifts and a customized card through a company we use all the time. Justin is a coffee drinker, so I thought what better gift than a personalized mug and I phone case? I wanted to choose things he'd actually use that wouldn't collect dust. I was thinking we could start his special day out with breakfast at a restaurant of his choice. Knowing my husband, he'll probably choose I HOP because he loves their blueberry pancakes. 
 I want to get "daddy and me" pictures done of Ava and her daddy the same day. Thanks to Carter's I found some super cute outfits for my princesa, and among those outfits I found the perfect shirt for pictures. I haven't completely decided on the bottoms yet, but I have time to figure that out. I haven't decided on how to end Justin's special day. We run on Ava's time so being out for a good chunk of the day could present some challenges for us. So far I think i've got a great start on how i'd like the momentum of Father's day to be. I haven't discussed anything with my husband because I want it to be a surprise! It's crazy how well he knows me, because he's already made comments about me going above and beyond to make this holiday one he won't forget. If only he knew how correct he was! 

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