Monday, June 17, 2013
Of all the challenges that come with having a newborn, I'd say breastfeeding is the hardest, most rewarding challenge of all. In the beginning, breastfeeding seemed "easy" I'm talking in the hospital before your milk comes in, when all your new baby is receiving is colostrum. That part was a breeze for me. I had a baby that latched very effectively and I only had to worry about waking up every couple of hours to feed her. After coming home from the hospital, things were fairly easy for me. My milk came in on Ava's third day of life. I nursed on a schedule, so every two hours or even before that if Ava decided to nurse, I was feeding her. Sometimes if she wasn't waking up every two hours, I would wake her up to nurse. I stopped waking her up probably about eight days after she was born. I threw the clock out the window and I allowed my daughter to nurse on demand. that literally was me feeding Ava whenever and however long she wanted. This is still what I'm doing today and Ava is now a month old. The problem I have been having lately are three things. One, during the night Ava USUALLY wakes up every three hours. The last two nights she has slept in four hour increments. When I wake up to feed her I have very full breasts, it's painful! Tonight I actually grabbed my manual pump and grabbed an ounce out of the breast she did not nurse from. I plan on using a syringe to feed the expressed milk to Miss A. My biggest worry with breastfeeding is that I am going to dry up! I know with Ava nursing on demand my milk supply comes in correlation to how often she nurses. That being said four hours is a big gap for me. I've googled, I've read books, I mean I can't get an effective answer on what do when your baby starts sleeping in longer gaps of time while exclusively breastfeeding. My second issue right now is my dietary issues. Since I'm borderline anemia, I have to take iron supplements everyday. I took them throughout my pregnancy and I was told to continue to take them even after I gave birth. Here's the problem, Miss A has had some green poo. While not uncommon, her poo should be that mustard yellow that breastfeeding babies produce. She does most of the time, but here lately I've seen a bit more green poo. I have researched and apparently iron supplements can be the cause, dairy products in my diet, or even Ava receiving two much fore milk and no hind milk. My third problem right now is thrush! Ava was diagnosed with it at her two week check up. Super common in babies, and easily treated... So I thought. They prescribed her a medicine for it (I remember posting this in a previous post) that has not been effective! Now I think I may have thrush, for the first time since having chapped nipples, I am having some discomfort in my breasts. The doctor never treated me for thrush, not even to be on the safe side, so I believe I keep reinfecting my daughter. This has caused me to make an appointment at PEDS for her! My breasts aren't terribly uncomfortable, but it's annoying to know I could be the potential cause for Ava's thrush still being present. Her appointment is today so I'm hoping we can resolve the thrush issue at the very least. I am excited to see how much Ava weighs. It's been over two weeks since we last went into the pediatric center. Even with these challenges I'm facing, I will never give Ava formula if I don't have to. I will always keep pushing through all these obstacles. Giving her the best form of nutrition is a HUGE priority for me.

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