Little moments

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
A week from Saturday, Ava will be three months old. The phrase I've heard most, since becoming a mother would have to be, "Time goes by so fast" Very cliche, but very true! Each day has been a new opportunity for me to savor the sweet moments I have with my sprout. Each day she changes or develops a bit more. Even though the Army demands a lot of Justin's time, we are a fortunate family. Instead of working, I am able to stay home with Ava. I couldn't see myself spending my days any other way. Do I plan on pursuing a healthcare career? Most definitely! Is family more important for us right now? Indeed! Justin went back to work (from block leave) and I can tell being away is taking a toll already. He came home last night and immediately (after dinner) fed Ava and allowed her to just snooze off to sleep right on his chest. We absolutely love how content she is on mom and dad. It doesn't matter where we are, being against our skin, our chests, is always where she prefers to be. I assumed this would change as she got older, but nope! I'd say 95 percent of the time, Ava is always in my arms or Justin's. We get (for lack of a better word) crap about this ALL the time. "You are spoiling her" and I say, "SO WHAT" She's not going to be this small ever again. Or need us this much, soon before we know it. If it's one thing we've learned since becoming parents, it would have to be: TAKE YOUR TIME. There is no need to rush. Kids grow up inevitably, so enjoy them while they are small.. As I'm writing this Ava just spit up all over my chest, Ahh yes, the little moments <3

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