Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Today I have noticed some huge milestones with my baby girl. She is just so strong! Her babble and coo's, her tummy time skills, and now she's sitting in her bumbo with really great head control. I cannot get over how in love I am with my sprout. If ever I could have thought of a perfect baby for Justin and myself, Ava would exceed every expectation or thought I could ever think up! She truly is rays of sunshine in my life. Today i started reading a book that is great for first time parents. It's called: Games to play with babies.

Such a good read. It goes over every stage of your babies life, with ways to increase your bond, their development, etc. I looked through it today, and shockingly, nurturing parents already do more than half of the suggested "games" in this book. Each day I devote a little more time to fun little activities I can do with my daughter to help her growth, I know this book will keep my full of ideas! 

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