7 beautiful months

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
My sweet little lover bug is seven months old today! This brings me such joy on this crisp December morning. Ava is officially an unsupported sitter, and it's actually almost impossible to keep her down. She is also showing distinct signs of crawling any day now, this makes me so nervous, but so excited at the same time. Justin and I have been in awe over just how curious Ava's mind has been these days. Whenever she sees something she wants, she grabs for it. I love it. Another milestone that was hit recently, was Da Da! Justin gets all smiley and happy each and every time he hears his baby girl say Da Da. Our daughter's developments are coming rapidly, but it's been such an indescribable feeling to stand witness to them. Here are a few of the things we have introduced to our home and to our bug over the last month.

The Kalani Davinci crib. In all honesty I haven't even attempted to put Ava in her crib yet. This is going to be such a huge adjustment for our family. We have dabbled with co-sleeping for quite some time, and in the end that's what worked best for us. The fact that this crib is even in her nursery right now is a big deal for me. With our move to Washington coming up quickly, I'm not sure if we'll introduce this before, or after we get settled back in Washington. I do know that I want to ease my Princess into crib sleeping though. Start out with naps, and working our way to through the night crib sleeping. Either way this is definitely a huge deal, and I plan on letting everyone know how it goes.

Another item that was introduced was the baby Einstein jumper, per my husband's request. With my attached parenting methods, and ideas of how babies grow, this item wasn't one that I was particularly fond of. I don't use it when Bug is just with me, and I don't plan to. I cut it out of play time entirely. However, Justin loves it, and loves her in it. I was also a little more apprehensive about the baby Einstein jumper because of all the recalls it's had in the past year. I did check the code on the jumper and everything seems to be current. Ava actually thoroughly enjoys this thing, and I have to admit it is a pretty entertaining sight, when she's being a spaz and jumping all around.

Food has also been a huge difference in this past month. It seems like our little girl became a pro with solids in no time at all. We have tried everything from green beans to mangos. It's fun to watch Ava's little faces when she's trying something new for the first time. I must admit it's been a little strange preparing three meals a day for bug, but it's a nice weird. We have continued to maker her food at home (with the exception of carrots) and I have been loving it! I freeze and store, and it's just the most convenient way to prepare Ava's food for us. 

I think the last item that we use pretty often now (helps with teething), is the munchkin fresh food feeder. I usually just put frozen bananas in them and Ava will go to town.  Oh side note, So far banana's haven't caused a huge constipation issue. I'm really glad for this. Almost every parent I talked to warned me about bananas and how backed up their kiddos got. Anyhow, I see these feeders sticking around for a long while. There are easy to clean, and super safe for baby to gnaw on.

There have been so many changes in our tiny human this month, and I know eight months will only bring on more. Oh, before I forget, I purchased an ergobaby carrier last night, and I am beyond excited for it to arrive. These carriers seem a lot more daddy friendly. I still plan on using my moby wrap, but I think this carrier will be great for our trips in Washington, more specifically for our Seattle days. The zoo, Pike place market, and just walking around downtown seem to be perfect occasions for using the ergobaby.

Alright, looks like I'm wrapping this up. Hopefully the next time I do a month overview of Ava, she will be crawling!

Happy Tuesday all!

♥- Leilani

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