Five days

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
We've almost been in this house a week, and I just can't believe it. We are still settling in and getting familiar with this new area. So far, we have fallen in love with this city living. Everything is conveniently close, and I don't feel like I'm in the middle of nowhere. It's definitely a huge adjustment from where we were in Georgia. Yesterday, we explored Fort Hood... oh my lanta, it is a HUGE installation. If we didn't have the map from the welcome center, we would have never found our way around post. I located shopping stores, restaurants, and ten different fitness centers on this installation. Another good thing we noticed is how close one of the gates are to our home. This means Justin will be able to come home during the day, and I'm glad for that.

So a little update with Princess A. Teething has hit hardcore, and it is full blown. I have never had a fussy baby... until teething made an appearance. She isn't running a fever (thank god) but she is definitely feeling discomfort with her swollen gums. I've had to give her teething tablets, but that's the extent of what we've done to help alleviate pain. They seem to work really well, and I'm hoping they continue to work, as cutting teeth is soon going to become our norm. I believe Ava will be crawling within days. Once you put her down on a mat, our bed, anything really... she is off! She is so strong, and I have enjoyed watching my little girl develop so rapidly. She is also independently sitting up. We don't assist her anymore, she does it on her own. She can pick herself up when she falls back, she is refusing to stay down, and I LOVE IT! While we are on the subject of independence, it looks like our co-sleeping days are coming to a hault. We have purchased her crib, and it should be here any day now. I'm not going to just rip the band aid off, but we are starting her off with napping in the crib. I won't lie, I'm fully prepared to camp out in her nursery if it helps Bug adjust. Justin bought her a baby Einstein jumper the other day, but I am partial. I hadn't planned on using jumpers, bouncers, etc. She has played with it a couple of times, and it seems as if Bug really enjoys it. I think I'll be okay with her using it here and there, but not as a regular thing.

It has been over a week since Ava has been out of cloth diapers, and I've got to say I am going nuts. Each time I change her, I make a comment about how much money is going in the trash. Granted, we haven't experienced any type of rash with these biodegradable disposables, but it still feels weird having my baby out of her soft, cloth diapers. Before I left Georgia, I purchased a few more, and I am ancy to use them. I will say that this is the perfect time for me to strip Ava's diapers before I use them again. That will be an all day thing I plan on getting done this weekend (look out for my routine). I have found a handful of cloth based stores in our area, and I'm excited to have tangible stores for all my cloth needs

Yesterday we became Sam's Club members, and I could kick myself for not doing this sooner. We decided to start buying things in bulk, (in an attempt to save money) and although replenishing our fridge was spendy, we are stocked up for the next four weeks. Sam's club also has a rewards system; for every five hundred dollars you spend, you get ten dollars back. A lot of people don't think it's worth it, but when you add up the amount of money you spend on groceries, getting any type of money back, is a nice little incentive. Buying in bulk is going to cut down a lot of expenses for us, and I'm glad for it. On another note, we are seven days away from picking my mother up from the airport! I am jumping up and down (literally). I am so excited to spend quality time with her, and to have Ava get that time as well.

Things are going well for us. I did have to deal with a slight hiccup with the rental agency in Georgia this morning, but that was only a minor situation. I'm just glad I keep all paperwork, including our in-inspection at the rental property in Georgia. They tried to charge us for some of the damages that were already present in the home upon move in. This is the part of renting that I am not fond of in the slightest. Hopefully everything will work itself out! I hope all of my readers have already dove into the festivity that December offers. We are taking Ava on a car ride of the most decorated homes in all of Central Texas, and I am so giddy about it. With our tree up, and the stockings hanging, the festivity is all around me.

Hot cocoa, Frosty the snow man, and toasty fires are now our normal so far. I can't say I have any complaints about that. Happy Tuesday all! 

♥- Leilani

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