Settling In

Sunday, December 8, 2013
The last 48 hours have come, and gone in what feels like just seconds. The movers came on Friday morning, and ever since then, we have been super productive with getting our things unpacked. So far, I've unpacked my new office/Cooper's room. We set up our guest bedroom and we've set up Ava's room completely. We finished organizing the living room last night (had to adjust our furniture), and the kitchen is almost done too! Friday night, we stayed up late to set up the Christmas tree! It was one of the first things I did that made this place feel like home. It feels so good to get our stuff out of boxes. It wasn't even a full four days, but It was driving me crazy not to be able to get what I needed, when I needed it. Also, I would definitely recommend using movers to assist with your needs while moving. I know I said this before, but I mean it. It cost us a whopping, $300 to have piece of mind, and piece of mind is priceless! We didn't have to worry about lifting a finger. We used local companies each way, and I will only use local movers, for future moves.

Please ignore my tinsel on the bottom. This is Cooper's first Christmas tree Christmas (that was a mouthful) and he doesn't know how to feel about the glittery tinsel. 

We took the u-haul to the weigh station on Friday and we weighed in over 5,000 lbs for our things! I felt great about that. All of the moving incentives we were given, were based off of 5,000 lbs. If we had come in any less than that, we'd be owing the Army money. Looks like they'll owe us a bit more now. Even now that the hard part is over with this DITY move, I still wouldn't change my mind about moving ourselves.There was actually only one moment where I'd wished we didn't do this move, and that was when Justin cracked the u-haul mirror!

Before I go any further, let me just say, I never knew Texas was a cold state. Oh my word.. It's like in the 20's here. We have ice on our car, we have icicles people! I can't believe it. We have frost on the roof, on the grass.. it's just freezing! Okay, so back to Justin, he decided to get an ice scraper so he could get all the ice off the windows... Well the u-haul's mirror cracked in the process. I was freaking out! Justin had denied the insurance coverage for the u-haul (against my judgment), which meant we were liable for any type of damage. Luckily, when we returned the u-haul, the rep was super understanding. She said, "It's not your fault that windows ice over, and as a result they crack." Yeah, we lucked out there. We didn't have to pay anything extra on the u-haul, and I was ELATED about that.

I have been so impressed with my baby. She has been up later than normal (one night), she had to adjust to eating in her car seat (while in the u-haul), and she had to adjust to eating in her bumbo (Thursday night). We've had to haul her around in that car seat non stop since we left Georgia, and she has been an absolute trooper about it. I think the day we arrived in TX, we had a moment where I tried to put Bug back in her seat, and she wasn't having it. I didn't blame her, If I had sat in a cars eat for all those hours, I'd want a break too. Since arriving in Texas, Princess A has been sitting up all by herself for a good chunk of time. She refuses to sit back anymore, even while in her car seat. I love seeing her grow up. It's a beautiful experience, and I'm glad both Justin and I are witness to this.

Alright, it's Sunday, so you know what that means, right? FOOTBALL in Howland home, all day! Enjoy your Sunday all! Make it a great day.

♥- Leilani

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