DITY move with a 6 month old, her dog, and their daddy

Thursday, December 5, 2013
This was our first time moving from state to state with a child, and with an animal. I've got to say, we did pretty well. We all fit comfortably in the u-haul, and we managed to make it to Texas in great timing. There were a handful of things Justin and I did to make this trip easier, and more enjoyable for all of us.
  • When we stopped, it wasn't just for gas. We actually ate, took Ava out of her seat, and let Cooper walk around to use the restroom
  • We played car games. Justin taught me some of the games he learned while deployed this past year
  • We took pictures of each new state we entered, which kind of made it fun looking at all the landmarks we'd never seen
  • I think my most favorite thing was just talking. Uninterrupted, laughing and lovey talk. I can't remember the last time we had THAT MUCH TIME to just take our time talking. 
I only had one minor heart attack during our trip. We were cruising down some highway, and Justin muttered something about don't do it. The next thing I know, he is braking EXTREMELY HARD. I seriously almost pee'd! A little sports car ripped out in front of us, causing Justin to steer off the road, and brake hard. It was super scary, but luckily nothing else came of that. That was the only fright we had during the drive. 

Ava knocked out extremely well in the u-haul. I think she may have woke up two or three time throughout the entire trip once she was in her deep sleep. I was so shocked for that! But, it was awesome. Cooper, my poor pooch. I don't think he knew what to make of the truck. He couldn't lay next to his daddy. He kept putting his head on Justin's foot that was on the gas peddle! It was just such an awkward situation for him. When we got to Texas, the first thing we did was call the truck company to turn in the dolly. Justin did SO well with driving with our car in tow. He could only go up to 55 mph, so we were getting passed quite a bit, and it definitely interfered with our arrival time, but safety does come first. After turning in the dolly, we went straight to the Laquinta Inn.. 

Let me just say I have only had good experiences at this establishment.. The one that we booked here in Texas looked VERY suspect. In fact, when we got up to our room, it wreaked of smoke. Ten seconds later, I picked up Ava bug and we decided we weren't staying there. I called the rental agency, and they were kind enough to bump our lease up a day! Yay! (which is why we are in our house now). It's funny because the front desk manager wasn't surprised that we were already turning in our keys. He assured me we wouldn't be charged, and he was completely understanding of why we chose to leave. 

A few of the things that we did after our DITY that I wish we would have done before are
  • getting the water and electric turned our prior to our move in date
  • weighing the truck and car prior to arriving at our new duty station
  • not packing all the towels we own
All in all, I would do a DITY again. It is such a lovely feeling knowing my stuff arrived safely, and on TIME with us. I can say packing was a pain, but that's our fault for having all the stuff we have. You really do get a pretty penny from moving yourself, and that's something we are definitely not complaining about. This full DITY move actually gave us time to bond as a family on the road. Oh! Also, thank you to all my friends and family that prayed for our safe arrival. We had a very smooth sailing trip for the most part, and I can't help but think that all of you had something to do with that ;) 

Happy Thursday all! 

 ♥- Leilani

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