Goodbye to you

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Today was so bittersweet. I woke up with butterflies/nervous bugs. The feeling you get when something big is about to happen. Graduation or your wedding day, you get the picture. I really hadn't allowed myself to cry, or to think about what moving meant for me. We woke up around 8 a.m. this morning (rental company was arriving at 11) took our time getting ready, got some breakfast, and packed the last of our bags in the car. Victoria was kind enough to take me to get breakfast for Justin and I (car on the dolly), and she was super helpful with helping us clear every room to double check that nothing had been forgotten.

The time really went by so quickly. I left Justin to deal with the rental agency, and Ava bug and I decided to spend our last moments in Georgia, hanging out with Adalin and her mama. Still, things did not feel real about the move. It wasn't until the point that Justin came knocking on her door, summoning his girls to the uhaul did I realize, this is real life. We are leaving, and who knows if we are ever coming back. Wow. I started tearing up, I look over at Victoria, and she was too.

I guess you don't realize how much someone really means to you, until having them around isn't an option anymore. I had a surge of emotions going through me. Here was a woman I had spent 9 months with, praying and hoping that our husbands would return from Afghanistan in one peace. Here was a girl that watched my womb grow, and followed me into labor and delivery. A woman that cooked mac and cheese almost always for a pregnant woman who craved it. Someone who saw me at my worst, and my very best. You can't replace people like that in your life. I'm not even going to try. In Georgia, I found the true meaning of a bond. I found out what makes us Army wives special.

She walked us out to our uhual, and she didn't leave her drive way until we drove away. In those moments my heart sank. I don't think I've ever hugged her that many times in such a short time span. If I learned one thing in this world, home is definitely not your zip code, or the state you live in. Home is where you make it. I never though I'd have such great friendship, and love in Georgia.. Now here I am, bawling like a baby because I didn't want to leave all the relationships I built. I know this goodbye, isn't a goodbye forever, but that hasn't made this process any easier.

This is one aspect of military life that will never ever sit well with me. Moving. I hope Texas knows it has some pretty BIG shoes to fill!

♥- Leilani

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