Stocking up!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Today I was able to make Ava bug's baby food in bulk for the first time. I had originally planned to do this when she was six months old, but with PCS'ing to Fort Hood, and now Fort Lewis, time just didn't allow for us to do that. I think I made her food on a weekly basis at first, but then I'd be back to steaming and blending before I knew it. This time around I am making food for 1-2 months in advance. I am so excited to have a healthy, organic stock in my freezer. Today was the first time I actually looked for coupons in our local paper, in order to save on a "making baby food" shopping trip. My savings were 22 percent and just over twenty dollars. The items I bought will last well over three months worth of baby food for our girl. I'm pretty impressed with myself. 

Today I decided to make an organic chicken dinner for Ava. I added some broccoli and carrots to this mix too. The second type of meal I made was pears, bananas, and cantaloupe.The third meal I made consisted of chicken, cauliflower, and rice. Justin loves helping with stuff like this, so he steamed pretty much everything. The only thing that has really changed from having a six month old to an (almost) nine month old would be the consistency of the foods. It's definitely a lot thicker now than it was when we started off. I think I'd mentioned in a previous post that we'd started giving bug finger foods. We still give her finger foods when we are on the go, or sometimes for a snack in the middle of the day. Those snacks are all organic, and they are pretty tasty. I'm still really glad we made the decision to make our own baby food with Ava. The savings have been ridiculous, and the organic variety is much better for our growing girl. Even with the steamed water, all those minerals she gets are great. It's been weird to think that our baby food making days will soon be over in the next few months. This phase goes by so quickly, but I'm enjoying it so much.

 ♥- Leilani

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