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Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Here lately I have found even more natural products for me and my family. It's absolutely crazy to me how many more natural and organic options are available in the Pacific Northwest. I wanted to make a short list of some of the new things we have introduced in our home over the last couple weeks. The first product is actually for Ava bug. It's a Baltic amber teething necklace. I think anyone who's ever had to go through teething, knows how awful it can be. Instead of using teething tablets, or even Tylenol, I wanted to find a more "natural" or organic route to take. This teething necklace has been glorious. It's seriously kind of like magic, and Ava uses it (supervised) quite often. It can go around her neck, although I don't really prefer it to. It's knotted pretty well between each bead, and I'm not worried about her choking on it or anything. I haven't had to use teething tablets in over a week, and we haven't even busted out the syringe for tylenol. Granted, these beads don't prevent fevers, but definitely pain or irritation brought on by swollen gums.

Another product I have started using on my face is ocean salt by lush. Can I just say I am in love? I've never had super bad acne, but I've always had pimples here and there. Rather than leaving those little pimples alone, I mess with them, and they become dark spots. I started using this product primarily for the exfoliating factor, and then I noticed that my dark spots started to fade. The minerals in sea salt scrubs away dead skin, blockage, and dirt. I'm really glad this is working for me, and I plan to check out my local lush store to see what other type of skin care items I can
indulge in.
Something else I plan on having in our home on a regular basis is bath bombs. They sell a wide variety at Lush, but I know you can purchase these just about anywhere that sells body or bath products. I used a honey infused bath bomb in my huge garden tub, and I seriously haven't felt that relaxed or energized in forever. The scent of honey filled my entire bathroom, and it was just so delightful. With Justin being in the field, or just doing hard labor almost all the time, I found some bath bombs that are suppose to help with aches, pains, and even stress. Hopefully, they work for him, but I have a couple weeks before he even gets to try them out.

I've even tried to keep *most* of Ava's toys "green and friendly. The last product I wanted to share is the green toys sand play set. Green toys is a pretty well known brand, especially in Washington state. I really like this company, primarily because their toys are safe and are BPA free and have no phthalates. Each toy that we have purchased are made from recycled plastic and are super eco-friendly. I really like having this "green option" when it comes to fun toys for our Bug.

Hopefully I come across some other great products that fit the needs of my family. I plan on doing a small review of all the items I start incorporating into my home. If any of my readers have questions or comments, feel free to visit the links I provide for each company below, email, or comment on this post.

Enjoy your Tuesday all!

Amber teething necklace
Green Toys

♥- Leilani

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  1. Fevers are common during teething. I've never considered any medication for my Belle. Instead, I give her organic teething treats sold at Fred Meyer in their natural section. She loves them and I do too.