Sunday, March 23, 2014
This entire weekend was so mellow and relaxed. It felt so good to spend most of our time on the floor, playing with our daughter; or walking the neighborhood with our dog in tow. It was exactly what this family needed after a very busy week. Friday night, we enjoyed some Japanese food and watched the Disney movie frozen. Can I just say that Frozen is the cutest film I have seen in quite some time. Usually Justin hates singalongs, but I caught him singing a few of the melodies. Ava was knocked out by this point, but it was nice to just enjoy a movie with my husband. Saturday continued with the same relaxed pattern. We really didn't do a whole lot, but there were tons of giggles and smiles in this house. I think Ava loved having mommy and daddy on the same level as her.

We even caught her dancing to the beat of a few songs on pandora. This child is so animated, I love it! Yesterday's weather was so gorgeous that we actually had an excuse to get some ice cream. I hadn't been to Baskin Robbins in forever. The only one that was near us in Georgia was shut down shortly after we arrived. In light of Spring arriving, Justin even assembled his grill. I really love when we grill our food outdoors. It's been quite some time, so I am excited about future Howland barbecue's that we'll be hosting at our home. We topped this beautiful weekend off with my first trip back to Puyallup Foursquare Church, and my emotions were at an all time high.

 I haven't been able to worship and praise in such a graceful community in over three years. It was definitely an amazing experience, especially with my husband and Ava alongside me. What made this experience even better, was the nursing facilities. It was like a four star resort (for infants). Ava was able to play with other kids that were in the nursing room, and there was a flat screen in the nursing room, so we didn't have to miss any part of the service. The room had plenty of rocking chairs, and foot cushions to make mama's comfortable. I even nursed without a cover in front of complete strangers (little leaps). Ava kept giving other little ones hugs and waves. She really is a social girl, so sweet and cute.

We started our afternoon with brunch, and that was fun. Ava fed herself eggs for the first time, and she decided to socialize with almost everyone in the restaurant, including the little girl at the table beside us. The little girl's parents actually took their daughter out of her highchair so she could hug Ava, and play with her. It was so cute! The afternoon is still among us, so I'm almost positive we are heading outdoors again. Happy Sunday all! 

♥- Leilani

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