11 months

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Can you believe my child is one month shy of one year old? Yes. Ava bug's first year is coming to a close, and while I am overjoyed by her growth, this mama has been extremely emotional lately. This past month has flown by so quickly, and it feels like Ava is doing something new that "wows" Justin and I almost everyday. Last month, I was writing about Ava being ready to take her first steps...well that happened! I will be surprised if she isn't walking by her first birthday. She starting standing up by herself prior to taking her first steps, and that is always awesome to see. She is so strong, and her development continues to be so rapid. When she dances she moves her head, her hands, her whole body loves music. She dances to pretty much everything, even Pachelbel. She loves clapping her hands, especially when you are praising her.

We've learned that Ava still loves peek-a-boo, and has found a love for bubbles. She is absolutely repulsed by lemons, and we are working on the word "papa" and "gi gi" Last night we discovered that Bug cut two teeth on the top, and that's definitely going to make nursing exciting. She doesn't bite me now, but she's also never had four teeth before. We have also switched over to using organic baby food. Not everything, just the meats and certain veggies. Turns out Ava isn't fond of her mama's chicken anymore. Earth's Best is the organic food we use, and it's seriously great. I reuse the glass containers for the homemade food I still make. She's eating stage three meats, (so weird to me) and she eats SO much more than ever before. As usual here is a list of things we now use/no longer use with our baby girl.

Ring slings are something we use pretty much everyday with Ava. She loves them, even daddy loves them. Another way to baby-wear, without the extra layers of a thicker wrap. The material is so much more airy, and perfect for the warmer days we've been having. I love using the hip hold with the ring sling, it makes it easier to tote my growing baby around. In my parenting styles, I mentioned how baby-wearing wouldn't occur as much when Ava starts walking, and I still stand by that. We want to give her room to grow and exercise her new skill.

As of a few days ago, we officially stopped using two car seats. The infant seat is put away, and the convertible seat is here to stay. Originally, we had the Britax Marathon, but after new information, and lots of research, we were torn between two seats. The Diono rxt car seat, and the Chicco nexfit. After an hour of comparing, we actually went with the Chicco nextfit, and I am so glad that we did. This seat is a hit with Ava, and our current vehicle. Perfect for extended rear facing, and super comfortable for baby. I wish we would've gotten this seat from the start, but I'm really glad we have it now.

Baltic amber teething necklaces are still used very regularly in this home. I honestly believe this is why we haven't had to deal with terrible teething symptoms with our girl. She wears this thing every single day, and it works it's magic. I seriously recommend this necklace to all parents.The best part is that we can save this for future kiddos once Ava is finished with her teething phase.

I am happy to say that this walker is no longer in our home (thank you babies r us for having such an awesome return policy). It was definitely a waste of money and space. We've always let Ava grow on the floor, and this method of play works in favor with her development. I don't plan on ever using a walker with any of our children in the future, and I'm glad that Justin got to see first hand how much of a waste this.

There has been so much change in this past month, I really can't wait to see what Bug's twelve month update will present. So far we have everything on track with her birthday plans, and I received her birthday outfits just the other day. Thanks to all my readers for tuning in during the first year of my little girl's life. I hope you've enjoyed reading the journey I've had thus far as a mother, and all the updates I share about my sweet baby. Happy eleven months Ava bug! Happy Thursday all!

♥- Leilani

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