Baby's First Easter Basket

Friday, April 11, 2014
With Easter around the corner, I am rushing to compile a goody basket for Ava's first Easter. I can't believe my bug is rolling up on eleven months so quickly. Trying to make a "baby friendly" Easter basket has actually been pretty interesting. Obviously we aren't going to include candy, stickers, etc. I wanted to use things that Ava will enjoy now. For those of you who are stumped on where to get your little one's special Easter basket, or even what to stuff in those baskets, look no further! I decided to share some of the goodies we are getting for Miss Ava.

As a lot of my readers know, I am obsessed with Pottery Barn! They are actually having a sale on their small and large Easter baskets until the sixteenth of this month. I decided to purchase one for Ava, and personalize it as well. I believe my entire total came to$23! Not a bad deal for a basket we can use annually. There is less than a two dollar difference between the large and small baskets, so I would definitely opt for the larger one. They have some personalized Easter books, and stuffed animals on their website as well, but I didn't purchase any of those.

So what are some of the other items we included in this years's basket?

  • A plush stuffed Easter bunny for Ava to snuggle
  • Hide em' and Hatch em'Easter eggs (I want this to become an Easter tradition) 
  • A "first" Easter book
  • Easter eggs filled with some of Bug's favorite snacks
  • the sound of music soundtrack (Ava grooves to every song) 
We are going to let her find Easter eggs in the grass as well. I think that'll be entertaining. This next week is going to be so fun filled. Ava's Easter pictures will be this Sunday, and I think I mentioned in a previous post about the upcoming birthday party for a sweet little girl  we are attending. We've got Church on Easter Sunday, and my dad's birthday. I'm pretty excited about everything. I hope some of the gifts on my list help you find gifts for your little ones. 

Happy Friday all!

♥- Leilani

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