Baby wearing (one year)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
I can't believe it's been one full year of wearing our sweet girl. It has truly been an amazing experience to witness the benefits of holding our child. It's crazy that something so simple has made a remarkable impact on the relationship Justin and I share with our daughter. I knew even when I was pregnant that I wanted to wear my infant. I remember talking to Justin about what kind of wrap/carrier he wanted to use for Ava when she arrived. It was actually pretty cool that Justin was on board from the start as well. He's always been up for being equal parents, which to me means, equally sharing the parental work, and excitement. Watching him wear his child proudly makes me all kinds of happy. I really love the gentle father he is, and baby wearing contributed to that a bit.

Through this past year we have tried three different types of carriers for baby wearing. I fell in love with the Moby wrap right from the start. I actively used my wrap for about seven months, until we purchased an ergo baby carrier, and that became Justin's favorite way to wear Ava bug. I'm not a huge fan of structured carriers, but I did love that Justin and I both found our "go-tos" Three months after that I discovered ring slings. I was offered a free sling for a review, and it quickly became my favorite way to wear our daughter. Sakura Bloom is without a doubt my favorite line of ring slings. The hype about baby wearing is extremely real. We have never had a fussy, crying, unhappy baby. Granted there's the rare occasion where Ava is a bit out of sorts, but other than that, Ava is so chill. Aside from compliments about how beautiful she is, we hear this more than anything.

People are always telling us how calm, chill, and easy she seems. I happen to believe it's in large part to baby wearing. I never let her cry it out, when she wants to be held, we hold her, we don't keep her in strollers, infant seats, or any type of toys. Being able to hold her whenever I want and still have the same level of productivity is completely golden. Fostering a strong bond between a child and their parents is vital early on. I'm glad we have been able to do that with Ava!

Here is a scroll of some of our baby wearing memories so far. I plan on doing a session at the beach (mentioned in my last post) that hopefully captures the very essence and art of baby wearing.

Happy Wednesdsay all!

 ♥- Leilani

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