Low Down on "The Date"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Yes, you read that correctly. Justin and I did go through with our date we had Saturday, and I am beyond glad that we did. I won't lie, It was still really tough leaving Ava behind. My parents, and my step dad had us leave while Ava was preoccupied, and I was panicked by that. I mean, we did say our goodbyes and give her tons of kisses before we left, but I wanted her to shoot us one of those baby waves as we walked out the door.

Before we left, I gave my parents more information then they probably needed about Ava and her needs. It was too funny watching their faces as they allowed me to give them step by step instructions on how to care for a toddler (as if they hand't already raised one). I was so impressed with how well my parents felt about cloth diapers. I was never a cloth diapered baby, so this type of diapering system is new to them. I'm just glad they were eager and able to give it a shot.

I was even more anxious when we got in the car because Justin asked if I could put my phone away the entire time. I swear this man knows me too well. If he hadn't said something, I would have called and texted pretty much every hour (on the hour) that we were gone. Once I got over wanting to know how Ava bug was doing, I was actually able to relax. I will say, to talk without the interruption of a toddler was weird at first, but then it was also really nice. We went out for an early dinner and we just talked the entire time. We talked about new hobbies we wanted to try together (I'm almost positive we are taking a culinary class here soon), and we talked about purchasing our first home. We talked about Ava (of course), and we talked about our college courses. We talked about our love for one another, and how valuable our time is.

We pretty much talked about anything and everything. It was the sweetest thing too because Justin would reach over the table to hold my hands in his while we talked. He looked me in my eyes almost every time we spoke, and then all the reasons why I love this man just started flooding in. We ended up catching a movie later that evening, and that was interesting. We hadn't seen a movie since Ava was just a few weeks old. Although the movie was cheesy, I loved that Justin had his arm around me the entire time. He'd lean over and give me soft kisses between laughs, and he held my hand occasionally.

That type of intimacy is my favorite, but also very limited for parents. I realize how important it is to tend to your marriage even once you become parents. We will forever be the foundation of our family, and it's important that mom and dad get that time to be intimate, and personal with one another. Dates aren't something I see us needing all the time, but I'm glad it was an option and we have the family available to help out. I'm thinking about implementing at least one date night a month. I'm thinking the next date will be at the shooting range! Justin has always wanted to teach me how to "properly" shoot.

How long after the baby did you and your significant other wait to have a date night? Is it something that's become reoccurring? I'd love to hear from you in either the comments below or by email!

Happy Tuesday all!

♥- Leilani

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