Stop Tainting Parenthood

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
With Justin in the field for the past couple days, I had an opportunity to rent a red box movie; some silly comedy I knew my husband wouldn't want to watch. And while I thought that I would spend my evening laughing at ridiculously awful jokes, and enjoying a night to myself, I was wrong. As I watched this movie I couldn't shake the feeling of how bothered I was at the way Hollywood portrays parenting and marriages. It bothered me so much in fact, that I decided not to finish the film. I normally don't let things like that get to me, but this time, I'd had enough. WHY can't some hot shot producer film a movie about happy marriages and happy parents? What's so wrong with that? Why can't happiness sell? Yes there are a lot of struggles, hard work, and dedication that come with parenting and marriages, but they are beautiful none the less.

Movies like this open up a can of worms for those who already have stiff feelings towards parenting or marriages. It may be funny on screen, but it's insulting for those who actually have a spouse and/or children. These movies don't give a true depiction of the things I hold close to my heart. Marriages. Ahh, my marriage. It would take me a day and a half to sit here and tell you guys about all the many beautiful, tragic, happy, wonderful, breathtaking, romantic moments that I have experienced in my (almost) four years of marriage. Do you want to know the beauty of it all? I have someone right by my side for the rest of my days that loves me irrevocably and supports me 100% of the time. I have someone that is my safe place, my comfort zone, and he's the father of my child. My husband is that person that I'm naked around 24/7. Not necessarily pertaining to clothing, but more like my soul. He knows the ins and outs, the lows and highs, the ugly and beautiful sides of me. Do you know how amazing that is? To have someone that can handle all of that, and still kisses you goodnight every single day? They don't show that on camera.

Children. For those of us with kids, we all know what a game changer they truly are. You no longer have the freedom to do whatever you want because you want to. Who says that's a bad thing? Children keep you grounded. They give you motivation, they give you happiness beyond measure, they give you strength. They remind you that humanity is still live, even in this bleak and dark world. They are your glimpse of perfection and innocence at it's very best. Why don't they capture these things on film? Why do they insist on showing disrespectful children, using foul language with poor decorum? Because it's funny? Because it sells?

The next time one of my readers watches a movie like this (I opted not to share the movie title), don't feel bad for your mommy friends or those who are married. Trust me, we are fine. It's entertainment like this that taints the sanctity of the rare and beautiful things life has to offer. Thanks for listening to my little rant guys. Now that it's over, go enjoy your Wednesday! it's almost the weekend! Whoot!

Happy Wednesday all!

♥- Leilani

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