Howland Traditions {Fall}

Sunday, October 26, 2014
I love fall. Seriously, I kind of wish we could skip summer because I love the season of fall/winter so very much. This weekend was nothing short of awesome, and I'm glad we had time to bond with Justin these last few days. It rained the entire weekend (thank you Washington), but we found a way to get out and explore anyways. Ava and Justin had tons of fun playing in fall leaves, we fed her imagination with her "little people" indoors, and we made our third trip to the pumpkin farm today. I'm super excited for this next week because we are finally going to carve our pumpkins! Last year, Ava bug was obviously too small to participate, so I am pretty stoked that my kid can assist this time around. We are also heading out to our first Military hosted Halloween party. I can't wait for Bug to show off her costume! It should be tons of fun, and I'm a little extra eager since I helped contribute to this little shindig!

The house is decorated in (minimal) Halloween decor, and I'm pretty sure we'll be roasting the pumpkin seeds after they are carved. So many traditions that we are sticking to! I am so happy. Another HUGE thing has this family all excited. We are starting the motions (again) for fertility treatments. We were so amped up in the month of August to try and conceive, and then all of a sudden we hit this place where we wanted to take a few more months to think things over. It was definitely more my decision then Justin, but I am grateful that I have a husband who doesn't pressure, even with his baby fever in full swing. My biggest reason was honestly our sweet girl. I savor this time with her because I know that soon, she'll be sharing her mommy and daddy.

I had my provider refer me to an off-post company that has phenomenal results with aiding in fertility. I'm excited to get the ball rolling, but I'm also okay with taking our time as we go through the steps. I think that's the best place for us to be. It also allows Ava more time to socialize with other kiddos during this process. It really warms my heart watching Ava with other kids. That's a major reason why we opted to have Ava bug enroll in toddler geared classes. I truly think Bug is going to be the best helper and of course, the best big sister! I'm really debating on whether or not to continue to share my journey with my readers. How many of my readers enjoy reading about our fertility experience? Does it help other parents who are currently going through some of the same things as my family? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below or by email.

Before I wrap this up, here is a sweet photo of my sweet baby girl in the leaves.

Happy Sunday all!

♥- Leilani

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