Wednesday, April 23, 2014
My husband came home from work this evening, and he was so excited about his future college courses. He met with an Army counselor today, and apparently the guy was completely enlightening. Justin was able to discuss his career goals (outside of the Army), and he got his foot in the door with the path he needs to take. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my ambitious man take control of his future. I think it'll be interesting to see what this does for our relationship. We've never been in school at the same time... while being parents...while Justin is in the Army...while attempting to conceive this summer. That's right guys, no pregnancy for this mama. I've got say, I was honestly shocked. I do have to go back in a couple weeks just to double check, but as of right now, no baby bean is in the works just yet.

Ultimately Justin wants to be some sort of teacher (completely different from his cop aspirations). All states are different when it comes to requirements for teachers, so it's imperative that we choose the state we want to live in permanently. This is a much bigger decision than I anticipated. I never thought I'd ever want to live anywhere but Washington, but I could honestly picture us living somewhere outside of the Evergreen state. There's also the matter of which state we'll be in next year. As of right now, Justin says he plans to reenlist. I'd like to be in a state that offers Justin a lot of time to focus on family and school (more than work). Who am I kidding? This is the Army we are talking about. In all seriousness though, I seriously have an eerie feeling that we will end up back in Georgia.

I guess Fort Benning (Georgia) wouldn't be the worst thing to happen to us, but I'd really love to stay away from the Southern states for the rest of my entire life. We talk about Georgia or Colorado at least once a week. The window for reenlistment will be here before we know it, so decisions definitely need to be made. The only true benefit that we'd have from moving back down there would be a "no deployment zone" for our family. I would do whatever it took to make sure Ava bug doesn't have to be without her daddy for months at a time. With how attached she is to both of her parents (at this young age) I would hate for her world to have to undergo such a major change.  We definitely have a lot to sift through this next year. In the meantime,  I'm enjoying my family and friends while I can. Now that I've been away, I know that the genuine people that I love and care for will always be there.

Overall I'm just really proud of my life right now, and even more proud of my husband. He isn't only providing for this family, he's inspiring this family. He's already pursuing a career in the military, and making the choice to go back to school allows him so many other opportunities. Ahh! So much happiness right now. I know we all have someone we're proud of, so give them a smooch, or maybe a compliment! Happy Wednesday all!

- Leilani

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