19 months old

Wednesday, December 17, 2014
The fact that we are less than half a year away from celebrating my child's second birthday is completely crazy to me. Her second year is going by much faster than her first year it seems. Where do I even begin? This month Ava got a vaccine (her last one was at six months old) and that was pretty rough. I cried more than her, they asked me to leave the room...In those moments I was looking at my tiny, newborn Ava.. not my tough, toddler Ava bug. Aside from that, she checked out with a clean bill of health. She's developing as she should, and we have no major concerns. Her words have been a bit limited for her age, but her primary doc says sometimes kiddos are more reserved, and that is definitely our girl in some instances. She is a very precocious toddler though. She imitates like no toddler I know. Last night, I was pretending to give Justin CPR.. so what does Ava do? Yep, she pretends to give daddy CPR as well. Her understanding of the world around her just astounds me.

When she wants you to be quiet, she immediately presses her fingers to her lips with the "shh" sound. When she's emotional she puts her hand on her forehead and shakes her head. When she's upset, she lays on the floor staring blankly at the ceiling (she's definitely my child). She gabs all day long about almost everything, she is even more in love with Cooper (it seems), and she points at literally EVERYTHING within her scope. Her newest obsession is ring a round the rosie and having mom or dad read story after story. When it's time for bed, she lays her head down on her pillow and pulls her Bronco blanket over her. When she meets new people she immediately extends her hand for a greeting.. I could go on and on. 18 months definitely brought on a lot of new stuff for us.

Her physical development hasn't really changed too much, aside from her beautiful locks getting longer and longer. All of her growth seems to be cognitive and communicative. We actively read longer, not so babyish books to her now. The potty has been used more frequently (getting more aggressive with potty training). We even started using a growth chart for Ava bug (look for the DIY post on this). I feel like there's a ton more I can share, but I'm going to save some of this stuff for me. I almost completely spaced on the fact that Ava also OFFICIALLY has a god mother! I'm not sure if I shared that information with you guys, but we are over the moon and completely relieved that we found someone to trust completely with our child. This was definitely a big deal, and we are so glad that Ava and God mama Leeana are already developing such a beautiful bond with one another.

As far as the things we use with Ava bug, I'm not too sure that there is anything new. Just more advanced learning items and books. She started coloring on scrapbook paper, but I'n not entirely sure that counts...Other than small things like cups,slings, and clothes.. Yeah nothing too major has changed. Here's a photo of Ava bug holding onto her god mama's hand.. literally makes my heart grown three sizes!

Happy Wednesday all! 

♥- Leilani

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