My brown eyed girl

Saturday, January 17, 2015
Things have been completely crazy this past week with moving, school, and being without actual internet for the next four days (while in the final week of my current courses)! Even with all the craziness, I couldn't NOT write up a short little update on my 20 month old toddler. Yes, Ava bug is 20 months old today... I can't believe it. Seriously, In the blink of an eye you guys, it happened so fast.  I've been reminiscing on the infant days a lot more lately. I often look at her in amazement wondering where my itty bitty baby went, and when this vibrant, energetic, spunky little girl showed up. We are at the point in toddlerhood where we notice that Ava learns something new each day. She's becoming more outgoing, she's more daring, and she's become quite extensive about the things she likes/dislikes. Ava can walk up and down the stairs completely unassisted now (still scary for mom) but it's awesome to see. She holds on to the rails herself, she even knows how to unlock the gates (some adults that visit have a hard time with this), you can imagine our shock.

She loves to color, play make believe, and help in the kitchen. She's extremely sensitive to anything negative.. more specifically, the word "no" from mom or dad. She's become attached to daddy even more so these past few weeks and calls him dad or daddy now. She's extremely polite and waves and shakes the hands of complete strangers, if I'm okay with it. She's also started giving her daddy "knuckles" after a triumph of some sort.. like catching fish while taking her bath at night. She's a great whisker in the kitchen and she absolutely loves breakfast foods. We've been introducing new foods and meats into her world like crazy lately, and I love that she's willing to try anything once if she sees that we are willing too. Justin's biggest notice in our girl this month would be the biggest surge of independence that happened. She's even more okay with playing by herself and entertaining herself. She's also extremely persistent. Whenever she wants something she points until you acknowledge or pulls you over to what she wants you to do. That is actually become really cute. She's very strong willed and very observant.

I could go on and on, but the vast change has occurred with her communication. Her ability to understand more and her ability to have her own thoughts recognized by those around her. The mind of a toddler in an interesting one, and I'm so happy that I've documented all of her happenings each month. Some of the new things we've used with Ava bug this past month (with Christmas toys inspired), would be her easel, play kitchen, and toddler "ipad" basically, anything learning. We continue to work on shapes, colors, numbers, letters, writing her name, etc. We incorporate learning games in the tub, during play time, on the go, and even while we are making meals. I've really tried to take advantage of every opportunity I can to assist in our sweet girl's learning process.

I thought this would be shorter, but it's looking pretty lengthy, so this is where I leave you all. Ava is doing fantastic and we couldn't be more proud of her. She's closer to two years old and I'm still having trouble processing that notion. For those of my readers with kiddos, please remember to cherish and savor these moments with your small ones. I can't tell you how much of a difference it makes for me to go back and relive some of the special times I've had with my bug. It tickles me to think that one day my child with be reading this. I hope she loves it.

Happy Saturday all, and happy 20 months to my perfect little human!

♥- Leilani

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