Tuesday, January 20, 2015
As I'm writing this, Ava bug is sleeping in her toddler room.. in her toddler crib... alone (more on this later)! We are finally all settled into our new home, and we are absolutely loving it! I'm still super impressed that it took less than 72 hours to go through all of our boxed goods, hang up all the decor on the walls, and host our first family function. Justin and I are definitely a productive couple and it works in our favor pretty darn well. Some of the things that we are loving so far in the new house would be the kitchen, the spacious living areas, and the yard space. My kitchen doubled in size which seriously has me beaming! The counter space, the openness of the kitchen, and the fact that I have more than enough room for a little office space nook is just glorious. I think our next project we are going to tackle for the kitchen is making a movable island.

I'm elated that Justin is becoming more and more of a handy man around the house. I'm so excited to personalize the island the way we'd like. Aside from the kitchen, the living room, laundry room, and overall floor plan just completely makes our last house look so inadequate. The living room is pretty accommodating for the new sectional we just got, which has me feeling ten kinds of relieved, and the laundry room could pretty much be a mini play room if we wanted it to. There's also huge basin in the laundry room for my cloth diapers, and I'm super stoked about that. I still can't believe how much we like this house!

The overall neighborhood is pretty quiet and there are a few toddlers Ava bug's age that live pretty close by. We are within walking distance to at least three different parks, and we have the most beautiful view of the water, with an option of boating or playing in the sand. Today is Justin's first five minute commute to work, and I BEYOND grateful that we will get to see him so frequently. Ava gets to do breakfast and lunch with daddy, and it'll only take him five minutes to get home after work. I couldn't picture a better day for my family. I seriously can't believe that we managed to live over an hour away from post (in traffic) for an entire year. We will NEVER do that again.

Back to the toddler news... I seriously just laid her in her toddler bed, and she's been in a princess slumber ever since. We completely transformed Ava's room into this Paris meets Ballerina theme, and I know she totally loves it. She's always pointing to her initials on the wall and the eiffel tower we added a couple days ago. The room has the three dimensional pom poms that match her decor and we are painting this weekend (hopefully)! We spend a good chunk of time in Ava's room since we moved in, so I'm hoping the comfortability helps with this transition. Aside from that, things are pretty normal around here. I should be getting real internet today and we get our custom fence put it in a couple of weeks. I'm ready to get back to blogging more consistently, I definitely miss sharing with all of you!

P.S. this house gets amazing natural light in every room. Be prepared to see some awesome photos from me in the next few weeks!

P.P.S If any of my readers could suggest a good night light for Ava bug or possibly a projector, it would be appreciated. Leave your suggestions in the comments below, or shoot me an email!

Happy Tuesday all!

♥- Leilani

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