21 months - Last monthly update

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
With Ava getting older, and the rapid changes slowing down, I have decided to make only three month marker blog updates. While it's always fun for me to document her growth and change on a monthly basis, I have decided to share those posts in a tangible journal for Ava bug rather than writing them up for all my readers. I'll still make sure to include fun new happenings that occur in our journey, but more of the smaller things I'll leave out. This month has been no exception on the growth train for our girl and I'm so excited to share all that's happened. This time last month we were just moving into our new home and Ava was getting adjusted to new surroundings. I'm happy to report that she transitioned from home to home without missing a beat. It's also safe to say she loves this home much more than our last. She has a lot more open space and the stairs are a lot easier for her to climb up and down. She has tons of toy nooks everywhere in this home and she plays SO MUCH now without needing parental attention for a good amount of the time.

Her vocabulary is growing rather vastly as she has finally decided to talk FULL FLEDGE. If you say a word to her, she will do her absolute best to repeat what you say. We sound out letters everyday and she can repeat all of those. Her newest word is car and I have a feeling it's because we've been on the move a lot lately. She continues to understand more and more of the things we say to her and I absolutely love that. That's been my favorite part. I don't talk to her like a little baby anymore, I talk to her like a toddler that understands what I am saying. Speaking of, we've gone almost three weeks without nursing and Ava continues to sleep like a champ. We haven't co-slept in almost two weeks.. until this evening. I am definitely not opposed to letting our sweet girl snooze with us. While it's been nice to have her sleeping in her own room, I do miss those Ava bug cuddles!

Other than communication, not a whole lot has changed. Ava's toddler molars did cut and she's currently cutting four more teeth. I would never know that my child was teething if I didn't feel her gums from time to time. She has proven to be an easy child in most aspects and I'm grateful for that. We've been letting Ava bug play outdoors when the weather is nice and I've noticed that all she wants to do is play with the big kids. It's the sweetest thing to watch.I think that pretty much sums up this past month. She's happy, she's growing, and we are so proud of her!

A big thanks to all of my readers that have followed this blog series thus far. I enjoyed doing these updates and I've enjoyed answering all the questions I've received about the growth of an infant/toddler.

Happy Tuesday all!

♥- Leilani

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