Three days in

Saturday, February 14, 2015
Yesterday night was my third round of follistim injections, and it seems as if my body is a little more sensitive to the drug this time around. This would also be the reason why I haven't shared any vlogs or daily updates like I thought I would. Hopefully in the days to come I feel a little better than I do now. Honestly, the worst of it is probably the sting after the injection and the fatigue that follows. I'm not one to normally need a bucket load of sleep to function, but these past few days I have felt like I am running on E. We have been running around a lot so I'm sure that also has something to do with it. Washington has given us the last three days filled with sunshine and relatively warm weather so we have taken full advantage of that. Justin busted out the grill last night and made us the most delicious meal. Even Ava bug (who is notoriously picky) chowed down on daddy's good grilled chicken. Last night was also pretty rough because Ava bug got her first real goose egg.

I was filling up Cooper's water bowl with a cereal bowl and she ran past me as I was turning.. Can you guess what happened next? Yep, you guessed it, she ran right into the bowl. I heard the clinking noise but I hadn't realized the bowl hit her head until a few seconds later. She cried for less than a minute, but this mama cried for so much longer. I hate when my girl gets hurt because of me. I was feeling absolutely terrible and the lump on her head is just so big. I comforted, monitored, and prayed on my sweet bug this evening. I'm hoping the swelling goes down a lot over night, so I don't end up dragging her into her pediatric doctor.

I will say through all of this my husband has been a real trooper with everything. He's been making me feel as comfortable as possible through the injections, fatigue, and even our little incident last night with Ava bug's goose bump. He sterilizes and injects the injections, makes sure that I'm all cleaned up after, and he's even been making midnight runs whenever I need something that I forgot to pick up during the day. It makes me feel so incredibly good knowing that Justin does well with his girls being needy. I'm not sure what I'm going to be like in another pregnancy, so I know he's getting prepped early. The other night I started busting out into tears because he refused to take a drink of my water... not really sure why or how that came about, but nonetheless it was so irrational on my part.

Monday morning I go in for my first blood draw and ultrasound to see where my eggs are measuring. Five days will have passed since I took my first injection of follistim. I'm hoping that these low doses are making them grow! I had this thought while I was bathing Ava bug that I totally wouldn't mind having twins the next go round. I came to this conclusion for more than a few reasons, so if that were to occur, I would be ecstatic! Other than ALL of this, I have my second family photo session coming up today! I'm super excited because I definitely decided to take the leap and build up a portfolio of the work I've done. Although I know I don't want to do photography professionally, growth is equally as important. Well, I'm off for now! Ava is down for the count and this mama needs some quality snuggles with her main man!

Happy Valentine's day all!

♥- Leilani

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