He's Home

Friday, April 24, 2015
Yes, you most definitely read that correctly. After seven long weeks, Justin is finally back home with his family. His ALC (advanced leader's course) graduation was Thursday morning, and his flight arrived in Seattle the very same night. In the moments when we first saw him and we were reunited, it honestly felt like these past seven weeks weren't standing between us. I wish you guys could have seen it because it was nothing short of just a perfect memory. I guess I should start from the beginning, since I've been mia on the blog lately. This time last week I started prepping for Justin's arrival. That meant picking up little things for the house or for Justin that I knew he'd appreciate. I also started deep cleaning each room of our home. Nothing feels better than a (super nice) clean home after being away for almost two months.

Some of the other things I did were with just Ava bug and I. While I have anticipated Justin coming home for awhile now, I know that a part of me will miss that time I had with Ava bug. She and I did so many things in Justin's absence, I just wanted to end our "alone" time together with a bang. We did pedicures, lunch dates with just eachother, and tons of time at Barnes and Noble. We went to the ocean a few times, we stayed in for indoor activities, and explored new parts of the state of Washington. We did a lot of growing in daddy's absence, and that's one of the first things he noticed since coming home last night. I think he's still on cloud 9 from the changes he's noticed in his daughter. I also made some fun changes, like spicing up the scents we use in our house, changing the bedding, and adding a touch of decor. It was fun to see Justin notice each thing that was different or swapped out.

All of these small little tasks got us (quickly) to the day where we'd be picking up our favorite guy from the airport. Ava had been on a "daddy" kick all day Thursday, so I was overly excited for her reaction. When we got to the airport, I arrived exactly an hour before his flight was suppose to land. I didn't know prior to leaving the house, but his flight got delayed a bit. I ended up finding out where exactly his flight's baggage claim was, then going back to the car with Ava to stay warm and pass by the time a little faster. As soon as I got the "I just landed" text from Justin, we immediately went back inside the airport. The flight's baggage claim ended up being changed, so I quickly walked over 10 baggage claims forward in an attempt to get there before Justin.

This was my favorite part. As soon as I got to his baggage claim, I called him. He answered, and I immediately spotted him in the crowd. I hung up and I started telling Ava bug to look for daddy. She looked around a little confused because she didn't see him at first. Then, it happened. She looked to her left and just as Justin was dropping the luggage he had in his hand, she booked it. I seriously have never seen this child run so fast. She was giggling and started opening her arms to embrace her father. He had the biggest smile on his face and he had his arms opened too. I, of course had my camera out and tried to get a picture of it before the moment had passed. I succeeded! People were watching in awe and admiring my sweet family reuniting. It was an incredible feeling. After letting them have their moment, I got myself a series of whirlwind airport kisses.

I literally lost my breath a little because I wasn't expecting that level of intensity to occur. In those moments all of the weight that had fallen on my shoulders over the past 7 weeks just kind of disappeared. I felt like no time had passed at all, and I was immediately filled with overwhelming joy. I had my man back. I can't tell you how amazing this felt for both Ava and I. She wouldn't (and still hasn't) let go of her daddy since she got him back. Lots of cuddles, kisses and hugs.

♥- Leilani

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