24 Weeks

Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Only sixteen more weeks until we meet our sweet Livy Bean and the realness of this pregnancy has set in entirely. I had my 24 week OB appointment yesterday, and after receiving pre-admission paperwork for the hospital, picking up my breast pump, and reaching the viability stage... I just can't believe that we are here already. Justin and Ava bug were able to join me, and it was fun for them to see my fundal height measured for the first time. Olivia's heart rate has been consistently in the higher 130's, and she remains healthy and growing as she should. 

How far Along24 weeks

Nicknames for baby: Livy Bean, Olivia

Size of babyAbout the size of an ear of corn

Gender: It's a girl! 

Symptoms: Braxton hicks, heartburn, and a pinched nerve to boot! 

Best moment this week: Making it to viability week! 

Movement: Olivia is most def a night owl baby. I feel her move constantly at night.

Food Cravings: Flaming hot Cheetos, rocky road ice cream, and Dr. Pepper

Food Aversions: Olives, pickles, and pretty much everything of the salty variety

What I Miss: My husband.. well, not quite yet, but the next pregnancy highlight won't include a tangible Justin.

Sleep: Fatigue has reared it's ugly head. I can't make it through the day without a nap.

Justin: I am proud to report that we have worked through the kinks thus far! I must admit I thought it was going to take so much longer for us both to get on the same page, but these past couple weeks have actually given us some serious bliss. Feeling Olivia move for the first time was a super HUGE deal to him, and I'm so glad he's made that memory with baby # 2. I feel like we are on the same wave length again, and his support and sensitivity means the world to me.

Ava: My sweet bug.. she started calling her sister "libby" during my 23rd week, and then just a couple days ago after kissing my belly, she called her sister Olivia! It was the sweetest moment, and daddy was there which just makes everything better. 

What I am looking forward to this week: I am looking forward to the fall season and picking out my first pregnancy halloween outfit. 

Happy or moody most of the time: I am a happy camper! Emotions are still pretty heavy around here, but that is definitely to be expected. I wake up with a smile, I go to bed with a smile, and there have been minimal tears throughout the day. Sometimes when I feel myself getting slammed with emotions, I just take a deep breath before I allow myself to do anything. That actually helps me and keeps me at bay with the "feels" I've been having. 

Here is a 24 week pregnancy bump video. A short glimpse of this growing womb of mine! I love my body right now. I love that Olivia is growing so noticeably, and I love that my family is enjoying these milestones in my pregnancy with our new addition. 

Happy Tuesday all! 

♥- Leilani

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