Name Change & 23 weeks

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Last night, something BIG happened. Not only did Ava become self efficient on the "big people" potty, but as I was jumping around and giving my toddler praise, without a second thought I started talking to this sweet girl growing in my womb. I was so happy, I remember saying, "Olivia! Your sister did it!" In those moments, I didn't pause. It wasn't until moments later that I realized what I had actually done. I also remember taking a shower last night and contemplating on the previous name we had chosen. I loved it, but it didn't feel "right" for us. I was so stuck on making sure our girls had the same letters to their first name, that I had kind of voided out the potential of any other names other than those that start with A. I have had this uncertainty for a few weeks now, so I softly called out Olivia, and I felt her kick me. So many signs popped up last night, it was kind of insane.

The crazy thing about this entire ordeal is that Justin's favorite girl name has always been Olivia. Even before we had Ava, decided on Ava for our first born, he loved the name Olivia. When he was in grade school he heard the name called out during attendance, and since then, he has always wanted that to be the name of his little girl. I wasn't a fan (due to popularity of the name), and I have always opted to explore other options pending we had girls. Ava is most definitely our Ava bug, and we both agreed there is no name that would better fit our first born. With baby girl # 2, before we knew she was actually a girl, Justin tried again for Olivia, but as I said before, I wanted A names. While we both liked the name previously chosen, after last night, I knew in my heart of hearts it just wasn't meant to be.

To make this iconic moment even more iconic. When we went to bed last night, Justin kissed my belly and whispered, "Goodnight Olivia. I love you." Moments later he had his hand resting on my stomach, and he felt our growing girl kick, HARD. That was his first time ever feeling a baby kick from the inside, and it was emotional to say the least. That moment pretty much sealed the deal for us, and we couldn't be happier or feel more sure about a name for this baby. I initially hesitated sharing this name change publicly, as we already changed the middle name for baby girl before, but I figure everyone will find out eventually. It has been a little weird addressing her as Olivia these past few hours, but I'm sure that's because for the past six weeks she was called by a different name.

This morning I sat Ava down and told her about the change of the name. I said, "Ava bug can you say Livy?" She squealed in delight and said, "Libby, mommy!" Close enough for me. We shared the news with those closest to us this morning and partially last night. Being the type A person I am, I immediately researched the meaning of the name Olivia, and it left me in tears. In Latin, Olivia means peace. I couldn't think of something more fitting or accurate to describe this pregnancy or my experience with the girl growing inside of me. This pregnancy has been so much more peaceful than any pregnancy I have ever had. I have piece of mind, is what i mean by that. I'm not constantly frantically worrying about those I love, because they are here. Olivia is also completely healthy with zero red flags, and that in and of itself has established a lot of peace and comfort for me.

So to answer a couple more questions. No, this name for baby girl will not be changing. This is the only name Justin has ever wanted, and I happily jumped on board with it as of last night. Yes, her middle name will still be Rose, as it is a tribute to my late grandmother that passed away. I can't wait to welcome and introduce our Olivia Rose to the world. I've already been calling her Livy Bean like all morning, and she is contently kicking away in there. I don't think there was a better way to bring in my 23rd week of pregnancy!

Here's a super quick clip of daddy saying good morning to our sweet Olivia.

Happy Tuesday all!

♥- Leilani

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