Daddy's girl

Thursday, September 17, 2015
While I have always encouraged Ava to favor daddy just as much as she does mommy, I never thought the saying, "daddy's girl" would ever become so literal in this house. I think this all started when I stopped nursing this past February. I was just about to start my first round of fertility meds and I was unable to nurse Ava with the meds I chose. While that was a really hard decision for me, I knew it was the best decision for our family. Three months shy of two years old and I could tell that weaning my toddler was the right thing to do for our circumstances. Surprisingly, after about a week in, we had found a new normal. Justin and I were no longer co-sleeping, Ava was no longer nursing, and all of a sudden, Justin was also called to for comfort. Let's fast forward seven months later, and here we are today.

My two year old absolutely adores her daddy. I'm sure this is the case for a lot of other two years old, but there is something extremely special about watching my kid and her dad bond together. They've developed their own relationship that has absolutely nothing to do with me. I no longer encourage Ava to let daddy help, because he's her go to. When she's upset, she calls for her daddy. When she wants "lovins" often times, she runs to her daddy first. When she comes into our room in the middle of the night because something disrupts her sleep? You got it, she goes to daddy's side of the bed first. It took me a good while to actually notice the shift that Ava made, and most days, I cry about it. It's weird not being her # 1 anymore. I wouldn't call this jealousy, but I think our new norm (& pregnancy hormones) have really caused me to be emotional about the entire situation.

At the end of the day, Justin is a terrific father, and he makes an effort to be. For that, I will always be grateful. He wakes up before the sun five days a week, and at times comes home just before sunset. Tired, exhausted, and just in the mood to relax.. he still does just about whatever Ava wants when he walks through that front door. Stickers, coloring, princess dress up, or tea party fun, you name it, he does it! I have never heard him tell his daughter no because he just didn't feel like it, even when i notice the sleep in his eyes. In the morning when he comes home from P.T. Ava leaps into his arms and gives him the biggest bear hugs! I truly think this is what jump starts his day. I listen to our daughter sing to daddy as he's getting ready in the morning, and I watch her move her toys off of the couch so daddy can sit in his favorite spot. I gaze at them sharing a bowl of her favorite cereal and laughing and having tickle wars.

I see how happy he makes her when he's reading Ramona the brave right before she goes to sleep, or how he dances around her room ballerina style, just the way she likes. There are literally a million reasons why daddy is a favorite in this house, and I try to remind myself this isn't personal. This is my daughter realizing all the things I've always known about Justin. With his career in the Army, we are truly fortunate with all the time these two have been able to have together. He's one of the first people she sees in the morning, and the very last person she sees before closing her eyes at night. I'm learning to appreciate what we have, not envy it. While there was a time where I was her sole comfort, those days have come to an end. It's been a natural process, and I have found so much love in watching Justin gain so much more special moments with his girl.

With baby #2's impending arrival, I know this is how everything was suppose to be. While another sweet girl of ours consumes more of mommy, little Miss Ava bug will be completely content with having more one-on-one time with her daddy.

♥- Leilani

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