Olivia: 10 Weeks Old

Thursday, March 31, 2016
10 weeks old and still completely perfect in every single way. Olivia is thriving and it's been a joy to watch. She's cooing so much. I swear I hear her say, "Ma" like all the time. She's been rolling over for quite some time, but I've noticed that she's also pushing off on her legs. She had her almost-slept-through-the-night kind of night and I was so incredibly thrilled! I woke up at like 5am for a potty break and realized Olivia had no woken up to nurse. not once. I really do believe she is going through a growth spurt though. She spent the rest of the day sleeping away (which she hasn't done in weeks). It was at about this age that Ava bug started sleeping through the night. Both of our girls are amazing sleepers. I love that her smiles are almost always on her pretty little face. She smiles for daddy through facetime too, which I know makes his heart just beam. We are doing tummy time pretty much every other hour or so throughout the day. It seems like she loves to be level and on the floor with her big sister.

I see us busting out the bumbo seat here very soon. Her neck control is really almost ready for it. I still can't believe we are at this point already. Some days it feels like I just brought her home from the hospital not all that long ago. I've also been nursing for 10 weeks... it's such a breeze with this babe. I mean, it was a breeze with Ava bug, but my confidence level didn't need much boosting with bebe #2. She nurses on demand (and will continue to do so until we wean). I do feel a self-weaning babe in her though. If that does happen, I won't be upset in the slightest. Having to wean Ava was one of the hardest moments in parenthood honestly. I think what shocks me the most after 10 weeks of loving this little cherub is how different my bond is with her, compared to big sister. 

While infants can be one in the same in lots of ways, there are so many differences between our two girls. I love it! Olivia did start pacifying me a few weeks ago, but for the most part.. if she is full and content, she will literally doze off by herself. With Ava, if she wasn't nursing, she wasn't content when she needed to doze off. That is such a huge difference. Sometimes I'll just lay Olivia on the play mat and give her a baby massage.. the next thing you know her sweet eyes are closing and she's drifting off into a baby slumber. 

♥- Leilani

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