Tulip Festival

Friday, March 25, 2016
We FINALLY made a trip up to Mount Vernon for the Tulip Festival here in Washington State... let me just tell you, WOW. It was an amazing experience for my family of four. We live about 1.5 hours away from the tulips, so we started our trip at around 9AM. We got there a little after 11AM (due to directions to the admin office in town instead of the fields of flowers). I made sure to pack lunches, snacks, and extra clothes the night before (so glad I did) because I had no idea how long we'd be there. It had also been raining for almost a month straight prior to our trip, so muddy land was a given. It cost a total of $4 per person (kids 5 and under are free), and that was with Justin's military discount. Not a bad price for everything you get to do in Roozengaarde

Once inside we immediately made our way to the fields. It was such a muddy journey. I am so glad my family wore appropriate shoes. We saw people in flip flops, heels, and open toed flats.. I felt bad for them as we were walking. Mud in your toes isn't exactly my idea of a good time. Ava was a little apprehensive about walking on her own through the mud, so Justin carried her a good chunk of the way down. Once we were near the flowers she immediately wanted down and she allowed herself to get SUPER muddy. She even fell a couple of times... her initial reaction was not very pleasant, but once she realized it was okay.. she totally played around in the dirt/mud.

Justin and I laughed pretty much the entire time. When we first got there, Justin was babywearing Olivia in the Lillebaby we got this past fall. I hadn't nursed her since the car ride, so I wasn't surprised when she woke up hungry as soon as we paid for our tickets. We ended up switching roles (I carried Olivia, Justin looked over Ava) and I was able to nurse very comfortably in our carrier. This trip was our first time using a structured carrier with Olivia.. I LOVED IT! It was a rather warm day, but Olivia had no discomforts. She pretty much slept the entire time we were there, and she nursed as often as she wanted. 

After looking at all the pretty colors, flowers, and soaking up the beautiful day, we headed back to the start of the gardens to pick out our own bunches of tulips to take home. We also stopped for food inside the gardens and we picked up some snickerdoodle fudge from a local vendor! This trip did not disappoint at all. I was so glad we were able to do this as a family. We wanted to go last year, but it seems the ARMY likes to give Justin school dates/training dates in the start of Spring. 

Since we move soon (blog post on this coming soon), I am really glad we were able to check it off our bucket list for the PNW.

♥- Leilani

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