Howland Baby # 3

Saturday, April 2, 2016
Did I give some of you a heart attack? Relax! I couldn't help myself. No, I am not yet pregnant with Howland baby # 3... but it has been talked about, prayed on, and discussed more times then you would think.. (especially since our sweet Livy bean is just 10 weeks old). Justin and I have always been on the same page with kiddos..for the most part. I think after we had Ava bug, my husband would literally discuss the possibility of FIVE little Howland babes running around. While I assure you that won't be the case, we both really want to expand our family a little more... and we are going to start a lot earlier than we did the last time. A part of me was going to keep this on the hush until the impending months of TTC came about.. but after everything we've been going through lately, good news is necessary. That good news would be: We are going to be trying for another Howland bebe in less than a year. Yes, you read that correctly. We are going to try a closer age gap with Livy girl and a potential sibling.

I honestly couldn't be more excited about our decision. With Justin recruiting for the next three years, the timing is just perfect... and let's be real, is the timing ever really perfect when discussing adding little beans to the mix? Not really. But for us, everything is screaming, "GO FOR IT!" Watching our girls bond in these last few weeks have been everything to us. Adjusting to a new life in our home has been such a learning curve... one that we want to have again... and again.. I literally have been losing sleep thinking about this little babe that is just pillow talk at this point. Will we have another girl? Will we have our first son? Will there be more than one? So many questions. I do think it's kind of neat that not one of our kids will be born in the same state. Which is kind of like a living map of where we've been. Ava bug is our Georgia peach, Olivia is our Pacific Northwest babe, and a third would be a Texas addition.

I don't think I'll be sharing an extensive TTC journey like I tried to do when we were trying for Olivia, but I would like to keep my readers included in some way. We do have a good chunk of time before this is underway, but I really wanted to get these good vibes out there. In the meantime, I am still adjusting to life with two. Even on the harder days, I'm loving every single minute of motherhood. With Justin away at school, my days literally zoom right on by with both girls. We are laughing, playing, and growing so much in daddy's absence. I remember being so nervous about parenting with two by myself for six weeks... Now that we have our routine and we are comfortable, things couldn't be better. I live to watch my girls together, and I can't wait for to reference a Howland trio! 

Here's a little throwback of my pregnant belly with both Ava and Olivia. I absolutely loved being pregnant with these girls! Can't believe this time next year, I could very well be pregnant with another. 

Happy Sunday all! 

♥- Leilani

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  1. Ok well I am going to have to move to closer if your having all these grands kids. Love you guys.