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Monday, April 4, 2016
That's right. I'm not totally sure that I shared the news of Justin's next recruiting station.. but if you didn't already guess by the title of this blog, it is Texas! This was the location that we decided as a family to head to, rather than Justin's home state, New York. While being near his family and familiar places would have been ideal, living in a state with a lower cost of living and a better opportunity to find recruits was a better choice. We have known that Justin was going recruiting for about 8 months now, so our mindset has been mostly positive. He was DA selected and apparently only a really small percentage of the ARMY actually qualifies for recruiting details. They go over all of your financial situations (past and present), your background, your driving record, etc. It's both a privilege and an amazing career opportunity for Justin. 

We have lived in Texas prior to this occasion.. but that lasted about a month. If you are a long time reader, you know that a compassion reassignment was granted for JBLM just a week after we arrived at Fort Hood. Justin never did make it to his unit and we never really got to explore Texas the way we intended. We are so excited about all the opportunities that will arise for our growing family while in the South. It's funny actually because most of my marriage has taken place in the South as well. If you recall, we lived in Georgia for just about three years prior to moving to Fort Hood for a month. We have lived in Washington now for just over two years.. and although Washington is home for me, I am so excited about this change. 

I'm definitely not ready to be moving there in the dead of summer... but I am SO excited about getting central air back into a home of ours... which brings me to our home.. We have been working with a real estate agent for about 1.5 months now? Aaron has been absolutely fantastic and has actually compiled a house list with homes 5 miles or less away from Justin's workplace. I have seen well over 100 homes from his list and out of over 100 homes.. ONLY TWO have actually made me scream: YES! I WANT TO LIVE HERE. Thankfully for us, one of those two homes is the home we will be living in. The process started on late Friday afternoon (when I first noticed the listing) and we just found out on Monday afternoon that we got the house! 

Finding a house when moving is always a big stress for me. I need to *love* the home we move to, it helps with adapting to change for me. I also love being able to have an address for forwarding mail, the movers, and for our family/friends. My favorite part about this home is hands down the backyard and the kitchen. The backyard can be seen from the kitchen and I envision long summer days watching Ava bug play and run around having the time of her life. There are also three big windows with plenty of opportunity for light.. which means awesome for picture taking.

Overall, I am just so completely excited about this move and what it will mean for our family. 

♥- Leilani

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