Best Western Plus - Salt Lake City

Sunday, May 29, 2016
This Best Western Plus was so incredibly nice... in fact, it was nicer than the Premier we stayed at in Puyallup. I recently found out that Best Western hotels are individually owned, so it is at the owner's discretion on what needs to be updated or changed in their hotel. The owners in Salt Lake City did not disappoint their guests. I found this hotel online after finally deciding on a "stop" destination for the night. When I tried to book a room online, everything was sold out. I decided to actually call instead of rely on the internet... sure enough, they had a king room available. Definite perk to being a co-sleeping family; None of us minds sleeping in the same bed (Justin and I have a queen pillow top, so this king bed spoiled us) and I think our oldest was so excited about being able to sleep so close to her baby sister. 

This hotel offered 24 hour room service through a third party provider, upscale touches to their king room, and free wifi (definitely has been a plus on this trip). We were in awe over how nice everything looked. This hotel wasn't built that long ago, so I'm sure a large part of it is the fact that it's brand new. Our experience wasn't bad at all, even though we did only stay one night. Breakfast was mediocre... but we don't ever really expect much from continental  breakfast spreads. Ava didn't eat anything from it, but I do believe Justin attempted to. We woke up late, which resulted in me missing out on taking maternity photos for a friend from high school. I'm not sure when we will be in Salt Lake again, but hopefully I can take some photos of her and her baby boy when I am!

Overall, I was impressed with this facility. Far enough outside of the city where you didn't have to hear major traffic or noises from the city, but close enough to the freeway that we could get on with our trip without major delay. The best part of leaving Salt Lake was arriving in Wyoming to meet up with Justin's dad and Uncle Jimmy. His dad has been driving trucks for Prime for well over two years now, so he's usually all over the place. We ended up meeting them in a really small town with a truck stop... it was the first time that anyone from Justin's side of the family met Olivia. 

♥- Leilani

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