Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel

Monday, May 30, 2016
The view and location were the only two things about this hotel that I actually liked. Other than that, it was a complete letdown. Justin was so confused because when he walked into this hotel it looked like the most ravishing hotel he'd ever seen.. until we left the elevators and entered our room on the sixth floor. It resembled something like a motel six (tad bit of exaggeration with that reference) I mean, the room they initially put us in wreaked of cigarette smoke. I immediately went to the front desk to let them know we couldn't stay in those type of conditions. The second room they put us in had white stains on the bed, pen marks on the sheets, and the balcony was equally as filthy as the balcony in the first room. I thought to myself, is this a coincidence or is this what you get at this hotel room? Then I phoned the front desk to see if we could come up with a resolution. After being on the phone (on hold) for an entire 11 minutes, one of the managers comes to the phone. She personally came up to our floor to take us to a better room. She also made sure that the room would work for us (I'm sure this was her way of seeing if we were nitpicks about everything).

That was truly the best part of our brief stay at the Renaissance. The customer service wasn't terrible, but even that third room.. it became clear that this was not the hotel or accommodations we were used to. The Wi-Fi wasn't included (shame on us for not checking prior, but in my defense it's always included in almost every hotel), Justin had to pay for parking in the hotel's parking garage, and the shower had many strands of someone else's hair. That was a nightmare. I can deal with a lot, a dirty bathroom is not one of them. Since it was already late, we decided to stay for one night. I immediately called to cancel the remaining days on our reservation and get a refund for the time we wouldn't be occupying the room. I was really disappointed about our experience here and would never stay at this establishment again.

I'd also like to remind you guys that the service wasn't bad. They did try to accommodate us, but at the end of the day, quality of the room trumped everything else. We didn't order room service from this hotel, we got up bright and early to venture out and find a hearty Denver breakfast. The Denver sunrise was breathtaking and the view of the city was spectacular. I guess that is something else to add to the pros list. All in all, I'm just glad we were able to find a better suited establishment to stay at for the duration of our visit. Denver is a city we are completely called to, so i'm glad we got to figure all of this out now. Here's a little clip I saved from snap chat of the moment we got to the hotel, the entry way and the elevators. Ava enjoyed going up six stops on the elevator because she got to push the buttons each time. I think the last part of the video is of Justin finally making it to the Mile High Stadium!

♥- Leilani

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