Best Western Premier Crown Chase Inn & Suites

Friday, June 3, 2016
Without a doubt the nicest hotel we have stayed at to date within the chain of Best Western. Everything is bigger in Texas and this hotel was no exception. We felt like we walked into a resort of some kind. Every single about this hotel was updated, shiny, and so glamourous. Our room looked like a room that belonged in a major city of some kind that would have cost (Easily) $400 a night. We got a deluxe room which was basically two queen beds with a lot more room than a non-deluxe room. We were on the second floor (which I loved because we were directly across from the laundry room and ice machine AND elevators). The room came with direct tv cable (so we were familiar with all the channels) huge flat screen, updated decor/bedding, farmhouse type sinks, upgraded shower with sauna effect. I mean this hotel pulled out on the stops. Come to find out later on that this hotel was actually featured on a few televised shows as well. 

Who would have thought? Anywho, it was conveniently located just 10 minutes from our new home that wouldn't be ready for two days. It was also directly across the parking lot from the Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and some other well known restaurant. The staff was even more incredibly than the rooms, so sweet and definitely presented a certain Southern Charm. The breakfast was pretty good - I never say that about hotel breakfast meals. I mean seriously. They had a buffet style breakfast layout and the food was really good. They even had two cooks on hand to cook you an omelet or any egg meal the way you'd like it. The breakfast rush wasn't terrible at all, and the staff working downstairs were so sweet. 

Although we didn't utilize the outdoor pool, it was so beautiful. Something like out of a movie or as I mentioned before, a resort. Very pretty, but our to do list and the hot weather just didn't really provide us enough time to head down to the pool. This hotel is definitely family friendly and if ever we were in need of hotel services again in our area, this would be a go to for us. As great of an experience as we had, I think i speak for my entire family when I say we are so ready to hang up our road hats. Thank you, Texas for giving us such a warm welcome! 

♥- Leilani

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